your Chocobo and everything you’ve worked for as well as the FFXIV MGP lost raising it

Hey there! I’m been taking my time ranking up my Chocobo while doing everything else and got her to Rank 20 already.

Now the max Rank is 40, correct? And from what I’ve heard retiring earlier than Rank 40 is very bad and you’ll lose your Chocobo and everything you’ve worked for as well as the MGP lost raising it.

Now my question is I want to raise my current Chocobo to the max rank and possible get as many good stats on it for my future races I plan to do it and I like to swap out the Chocobo Silence I for a Chocobo Dash II (considering that’s among the best, if not the best, ability for a Chocobo to have) so I can win the higher rank races with more ease.

However looking at the Permits for Grade 8 Pedigree Chocobo Breeding I was wondering if it was worth getting them? I hear it takes a long time to rank them up and some times you might get horrible skills form the breeding and maybe lackluster abilities… which can or can you not remove their abilities later?

I want to get a fairly good Racing Chocobo to help me win a good portion of the time, I don’t expect to win all the time, as I like Chocobo Racing despite the winnings MGP not good compared to TT winnings.

Anyway do you guys have any tips and suggestions for me to raise a pretty good Chocobo and avoid messing up and losing a lot of MGP from trying too hard? I head that Chocobo Racing is practically dead now considering the mechanics behind the breeding, pedigree, and whatnot.

So buy the next rank Pedigree in order then. So doing it out of order will not work or mess up the breeding?

So get my Chocobo at Rank 40 first and then retire her and breed with a Rank 2 cover Chocobo? So I have a Female Chocobo and I need to get a Male Chocobo Breeding Permit to breed for another Chocobo, right?

How does this 10 times retry work? Just re-allot the roll on what stats it will give you and accept it when the message prompt appears?

And about the Stat Caps, so there’s no point of ranking my Chocobo past Rank 40 and just breed from there and see how it goes and then try to max out the stats on the next Chocobo?

There’s food at the Bentbranch? I didn’t know that or I must’ve forgotten, does it use Gil instead considering that you mention don’t use any of my MGP for now.

Currently at the R21 – 40 Races my current Chocobo only got 1st place once after the patch where they “fixed/tweated” the Chocobo Races so I’ve gotten 2nd Place a few times but score on the lower places more often now. So it’s better to do these races first (at and below R60) to earn more EXP for ranking up my Chocobo, correct?
Anything else I need to know about?

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