Will auto log out be reinstated for the ffxiv expansion?

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I’m sorry if this has already been clarified somewhere, but is the auto log off feature going to be added back into the game with the launch of Heavensward?

People who played back during the launch of A Realm Reborn will remember how it was impossible to get on to some servers, because people would just log in, then never log out, specifically to avoid the problem of not being able to log on because too many people were online (a vicious cycle!).

To combat this, an auto log off feature was eventually added, which would boot players if they idled in-game for an extended period of time. However, the feature was eventually removed.

I am hoping that they are planning to add this back in again, at least for a little while. When just the Gold Saucer was added, on high pop servers like Gilgamesh it was hard for people to enter the area. I’m sure that the launch of an entire expansion is going to draw way more people back to the game, and I would hate to see the same fiasco from the launch of ARR happen again.

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