Which words or comments make your blood BURN in PvP?

So, just thought about making a thread for commenting those words or phrases you hate a lot in PvP and you just don’t withstand, and of course your reasons!…

I’m a bit weird in the sense so probably mine won’t be the same, but… Here it goes.

Advertisement, the following words are purely my opinion:

<– Phrases/words/comments that make me BURN in PvP –>

– “Defend” (I TOTALLY HATE this one. It’s so pointless to be defending… Attacking is the best defense. I only agree to defense when we wait for the other GCs to fight each other so then we sandwich, the rest.. Pointless… And what’s with those who decide to defend a node while being two or three?! What’s the point on it?! Nobody will ever attack a node alone, if you defend a node alone you are there to feed the 24 guys that are going to attack it… Geez)

– “Don’t chase” (I know what I do when I chase, and when I do it only a 5% of the times I end dying, If you don’t know when you can and when you should chase then don’t f**** critic the ones who know. Remember that who doesn’t risk doesn’t win kill.

– “Don’t feed” / “Don’t provoke” / “Don’t move and just stay doing nothing in our base.” (Variants of the Don’t chase. I hate when team splits so ones decide to go offensive and win something and the others just to defend. )

– “New nodes, spread” (Especially hate it when… There are 5 enemies chasing you and 20 allies around ignoring the fact that 5 enemies are attacking you… Result, you die close to your allies while they retreat and totally ignore you, because, logic, you have to spread for new nodes!… But nothing said about taking the points of 5 dudes chasing the companions in retreat and avoid losing points because people dying.

– “Team is too split, we are not going to win like this” (Hate it when the one who says it just said a few moments ago any of the early phrases. )

– “Go to middle” / “Take middle” / “Middle guys” (When it’s ultra-obvious we are going to get sandwiched if we go middle, and there are other better nodes around, or the spawn kill option available. )

As side note, when I detect an excess of cowards in a GC I change to another. I just can’t withstand a defensive style.

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