Which has the Mog Ex strat in French and German?

Just put this together now. Usually I just give stats on specific parts the group is failing on but I’ve done my best to cover everything. There’s probably things I’ve missed, but if you want to give translating this a go then I’d appreciate it.

For Tanks:
1.MT takes King and Ruffletuft
2.OT takes Whiskerwall
3.MT will focus target Whiskerwall, OT will focus target Ruffletuft
4.King will use Royal Rouse which gives a damage and healing bonus stack on the mogs around the King
5.MT and OT keep away from eachother to avoid both gaining stacks of “Royal Rouse”
6.After Ruffletuft gets 3 stacks of Royal Rouse, OT will provoke the King and tank away from Ruffletuft.
7.After Whiskerwall gets 3 stacks of Royal Rouse, MT will provoke the King away from Whiskerwall
8.This repeats through the entire fight.
9.Keep an eye on hate for Whiskerwall and Ruffletuft as they can reset aggro in the later phases of the fight.

For Healers:
1.Cleanse the “Bemoggled” status when Moogle-go-Round is being cast. You know this is happening when the floor goes purple in the last phases. Bemoggled will target two people in the party randomly, if it’s not cleansed then the attack will deal massive damage and most likely kill a healer or low HP dps.
2.After one small moogle has been killed, the next phase will have the Gladiator and Thief moogle target the nearest 3 players and tether them. Healers must stay away from Whiskerwall (the gladiator) at all times to avoid being targetted. You are needed to cleanse a debuff which keeps people stuck in a green pool of poison as explained below.
3.Cleanse “Thrown for a Loop” debuff on the three targetted players so they can regain control of their character and move out of the green poison pool.
4.After the second small mog has been killed (last phase) Meteor will be cast and mitigation / aoe heals will be needed to top people off quickly after the attack has landed.

For DPS:
1. Allocate one person to focus target the BLM moogle and interrupt his Pom Flare casts
2.When the entire arena floor goes purple, Pom Holy will be cast by the WHM moogle. DPS need to do damage on that moogle to stop the cast or else it’s a wipe.
3.Do not kill any small moogles until they are ALL in the 5-10% HP range.
4.Do not focus damage towards the BLM or WHM moogle as they use spells which need to be interrupted by damaging them. Bring them down to 10% when they are the last moogles that need to be damaged.
5.After meteor is cast (last phase) bring every moogle down to around 5% HP and then kill every moogle as quickly as possible. Once one moogle dies the King casts “Memento Moogle” which is a raid wipe attack. If there is even one moogle alive the King will be invincible, so make sure they are all dead before using Limit Break on the King.
6.If a moogle is killed before the others are sufficiently damaged, it is a wipe.
7.Avoid using DoT attacks when moogles are at 30% HP. You cannot afford things to die due to DoTs.

For All:
1.The Purple/ Yellow marker will mean you’re being targeted by the Ranger moogle. Do not stand near another marked player as you will take massive damage.
2.Avoid AoEs as normal.

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