What did tell Minfilia? [FFXIV 2.55 speculation and spoilers]

I have a theory.

Minfilia is commonly known as the Scion who is basicially powerless, she doesn’t have the strength of Yda or Thancred. But what if, Hydaelyn actually gave Minfilia the blessing of light? What if that is the reason Hydaelyn told Midgardsormr to give us his blessing?

Why else would Minfilia run straight back into the hornet’s nest? It would be a pretty good evolution for her character, going from the ‘damsel in distress’ to being on level with the Warrior of Light.

Well Minfillia’s response to Hydaelyn’s message was ‘No…!’ which gives us a good point from which to infer a few things. The most obvious, of course, is that what Minfillia heard was NOT good news. Based on the timing I think Hydaelyn was alerting Minfillia to the fate of the other Archons and showed her some way to help. I don’t think it likely that she was given the Blessing of Light, however, as we’ve already seen this drains Hydaelyn considerably (and is likely one of the reasons Midgardsormr sealed the WoL’s blessing).

What I find more curious is the timing. Why now? Minfillia has tried to contact Hydaelyn before with no success and there have been several times the Scions faced peril with no help from the Mothercrystal. Were the theories about Hydaelyn being weakened true after all, and she had only then just recovered enough aether to exert her will again? Or was it truly Hydaelyn at all?

Whatever the answers, this is the first time Minfillia has done something courageous by herself like this and I’m hopeful it’s a sign of things to come with her character development going forward.

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