We know now that the FFXIV universe has stars

So I was just watching the last bit of Dialogue between Elidibus and Urianger and noticed something that slipped past me before. Elidibus says, “I would speak of fate, Archon. Yours, mine — the fate of this very star.”

‘Star’. This word stuck out to me. Why would he refer to Hydaelyn as a star? We know now that the FFXIV universe has stars, constellations, moons, and at one of the Fanfest Lore panels Fernehawles spoke of the Allagan having spacetravel technology, so it appears that the universe of FFXIV has a space design that mirrors our own in basic design.

I say all this to repeat again, why did he use the name star in that sentence? It made me think, that mayhap he was not speaking of Hydaelyn, but in fact the star that provides life and light to Hydaelyn. All along Elidibus has told us that if we knew what he knew, that we would be on the Ascian’s side. So what if…

What if the sun to the FFXIV universe is on its last cycle before going supernova? What if ‘Zodiark’ is a type of world destroyer that would feed Hydaelyn as fuel to the sun that would somehow create a reaction to stabilize it? Now say that in this solar system that Hydaelyn is in, there are other planets, with their own lifeforms and civilizations. It could indeed be seen as the ‘greater good’ to sacrifice Hydaelyn to save the other planets. The storyline could be that when we find out, we have to try and find an alternate way to prolong the life of the sun, as an alternative to destroying our planet.

I know all of this is a bit of a stretch based off of one little word, and for all I know, in Japanese the word they use is the word for ‘planet’. But I thought I would post my little hypothesis here and let you guys run with it. It would certainly provide an understandable perspective on the ‘Destroy Hydaelyn for the greater good’ line the Ascians keep giving us.

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