Unable to continue Main Story Quest due to Jenova server crash on Sunday

Time: March 6, 2016 Whenever the Jenova Server crashed

Frequency: Everytime now
World name: Jenova
Character name: Garidus Durand
Retainer name: None
NPC name: None
Monster name: None
Class/Level: Level 60 Lancer
Party or solo: Full Party (Singularity Reactor)
In-game time: Unnaware
Area and coordinates: Singularity Reactor
Housing: None
1. Entered Singularity Reactor to complete MSQ “Heavensward”
2. Defeated Thordan and His knights
3. Watched the cutscene of his defeat
4. Clicked on the “Exit” node to leave the instance and complete the quest.
5. Got loading screen
6. Jenova Servers crashed
7. Logged back onto character Garidus Durand when I was told the servers were back up.
8. I had gotten the Tomestones for completion, but had no quest credit for completion.
9. Complete “Singularity Reactor” again, and again get no quest credit.
10. Thinking the flag was in the cutscene or ending credits I went to the “Never-ending Journey” book in my inn room, but the cutsceen, and the ending credits are not on the list.

I tried unchecking the “Skip previously veiwed cutsceens” option in my character options and doing the Singularity Reactor again, but once again I got the Tomestones, but didn’t get quest credit. I’ve done this about three times total, and I cannot continue to unlock the new dungeons until I can finish this quest. I would attempt to abandon the quest to pick it back up again, but there is no abandon option.

Connection Specs
: I have a Comcast Cable connection about 3MB per second, can drop to 1.5MB/s on a bad day.
: Connected to one of the rented Comcast modems, I think it’s a Lynksis

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