Two reasons why an eviction ffxiv system is INEVITABLE

#1. It’s one board room meeting away, wherein a CFO or whatever they have over there in charge of “doing practical things with money” asks them why they’re paying for rack after rack of expensive hardware to host resource-intensive, fully fledged world zones for non-paying, non-customers. When that question gets asked, in that manner, by anyone with any kind of influence on what sort of funding FFXIV’s team receives, Yoshi-P and friends are going to roll their eyes nervously, stare at their feet, mumble something about player retention (these are people they already lost!), and every inactive account will be out on the street by next patch.

The almighty dollar is the bottom line, and it’s crystal clear which side of that line this issue falls on. It doesn’t matter what non-paying, non-customers want. What they’ve got right now is essentially an insane gratuity – they are getting something valuable for free.

#2. When the majority realize how much content is locked behind owning a Free Company House in 3.0 (this combined with the lack of new housing until at least 3.1), you’re going to see a violent and overwhelming shift against home preservation for inactives.

The debate you’re used to on these forums won’t last, because these debates are driven by a tiny subgroup of FF14 players: people who have taken the time to research the many oblique statements SE has made regarding Housing in 3.0. I.E., big time nerds, myself included.

When the teeming hundred-thousands figure out that they don’t have access to the same crafting materials (FC airship gathering missions), crafting recipes (workshop) and story content (invite Cid to yo’ house to get your skyboat on), and then realize that they won’t for the entirety of 3.0, possibly even until 3.1, it’s going to be a tsunami of tears. The former crying of plz preserve my inactive account’s houses will be a drop in that bucket.

If you’re smart, you’ll reactivate those accounts and sell to understandably desperate FC’s when 3.0 hits, at grotesque rates.

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