To the developers

Besides all the new content we’re getting on 3.4 when I read the patch notes and saw many features and QoL adjustments the community has been asking for a long time it felt like a love letter telling us “yes, we do listen” and “yes, we do care”. Granted, you can’t do everything we ask for, and everything at the same time, but this was a strong sign that you do care about our feedback.

In those patch notes I saw many things requested here at the forums at some point. We’re finally seeing an option to directly report RMT spam, finally getting our cooldowns reset on wipes, finally getting rid of all the bloat and nonsense of the glamour prisms of different grades on top of the type, added the 1v1 duels that some people have requested for a long time and you implemented it in a way that doesn’t break the rest of the game, added LoV to the duty finder and made the matching datacenter-wide, added retainer bells to the Gold Saucer, and a couple other things I may have missed. Some of those features or changes are aimed at larger parts of the community, others for smaller groups who enjoy certain activities, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to listen to them too.

But the message is clear, you are indeed listening and doing what you can in due time. I’m aware that you’re hard at work not only on these content patches but also on the next expansion, and that not every complain can be addressed swiftly, but for me this patch is a solid message and I wanted to say I’m thankful for all your hard work and that I’m looking forward to all the new content you’re working so hard to produce Maybe not all that content will cater to me, but I’m aware that I’m not the only one playing (something I wish more people on the forums would figure out) and that you’re doing your best to produce content for everybody.

So, TL;DR: Thanks for all your hard work and I’m happy to be part of the Eorzea we’re building together.

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