Tips/Advice for streaming FFXIV?

Hello I currently learning to do streaming via twitch. And what I mainly want to show is doing frontline. I glad to have someone who can answer my current thought.

– I don’t really like using webcam and mic so is it okay for viewer?
– When I’m done frontline should I put afk scene to wait another frontline match and then put my scene back?
– Is hiding your chat already common rule for privacy?

That’s what I want to ask currently, thank you.

If you don’t at least have a mic then your just not going to get much as far as audience retention.

people want to interact with you, not just watch. Your free to do the stream however you want just don’t expect anyone to actually watch when they could just do it themselves or watch on demand content where they can skip the dull parts. You would be doing a stream with none of the things that make a stream interesting.

If you are concerned about background noise from your parents consider you mic settings and consider some basic sound proofing methods you can do with household items. Hell hanging a few blankets around your station, slap a sock on your mic as a cheapo-pop filter, if your in a closed room (Your bedroom or such) it will be super easy to isolate most background noise. But I mean if your going to still sound like your talking through a garbage can after all of this I just wouldn’t bother with a stream.

Record the footage and edit it, your doing your audience even if it’s 0 a favor this way. Don’t just do something because you can, take some pride and make it the best quality you can if your trying to present it to others.

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