This is a team based game mode


This is a team based game mode, and communication is key. They boast that there will be new macros added, but to what extent will they cover? SE, you need to understand that we, as the players, need to communicate specific things at specific time. Certain people may need to get medals, boxes may be spawning soon and you need to warn your team, you may be out of MP and need a BRD/MCH to assist, you may need to tell your team to get mid, get to base, push forward, fall back. You may need to coordinate with your team to burst down a target while CC’ing another. That target may change during the match. Communication is absolutely crucial in team based PvP, so removing that will make the Solo Queue gaming experience absolutely worse than it is now.

You may think this will put a bar on toxicity, and that players will finally reach a point where they are not flaming each other, but here’s the thing…Censorship does not work in this world. Players will simply send tells after the game to talk ill towards their teammates that messed up or were not skilled. They will make alts on those players realms simply to express their disdain. This is what used to happen in past MMO’s which didn’t have in-match chat during PvP. Even through this censorship, people -will- get flamed, people -will- get told they suck. Taking away the player’s ability to speak in one forum only makes the situation worse, as the emotion they are feeling will build up and carry outside of the match, instead of it being handled in the short match time during the game, and then being wiped clean as the next match comes around.

Keep this “feature” and only apply it to those that are to receive punishment for their toxicity. This way, there is justified punishment for those people, as the previous punishment (permanent bans) is extremely harsh given the context of the situation. The goal would then be for them to realize that communication is key to success, as they will have a difficult time playing in The Feast without being able to communicate with their team.

Chiming in just to state my disapproval as well. I’m sure just about everyone here has lost their temper in chat during Feast but this is doing so much more damage than it heals. The Matchmaking already creates heavily imbalanced games where players with the skill level of a Bronze/Silver rank are being matched as Gold/Platinums… removing any complex way to communicate with your teammates is just going to make the games that much more imbalanced, noncompetitive, and overall unfun.

I entirely disagree with the change – as mentioned chat is crucial… But, although I will get a lot of slack for saying this – I absolutely understand why. PVP is a competetive game and tempers run high… That’s to be expected. What’s not to be expected is the sheer level of toxic attitudes that can arise. I’ve been active in PVP since the beginning pretty much and have seen it all … “Omg ur so bad” “wtf u doing” – things like this can be expected. Things like telling others to die, homophobic slurs, calling people a plethora of mental health diseases – these are NOT ok … But it happens constantly and it has OBLITERATED the community. Wait times are insane, and all of us complain about them, it’s naive to think that this isn’t because of attitudes.

A lot of the top pvp’ers are very toxic, and it’s honestly your fault for this change. This is a game that really strives on the positive community – and some of the stuff I’ve been called in the past has been pretty much shocking (I obviously can’t post it here). Sure, report them – but there’s no reason at all why I or anyone else should be presented with that in the first place.

Macros are SO important in Feast. It’s difficult to be aware of everything that goes on, and be able to react accordingly. Healers can’t macro to indicate that they are stunlocked or need full swing purified off of them. Ranged DPS can’t tell us when their burst is up. My main job, Paladin, is very reliant on CDs and communicating them to my healer, I always tell them remaining time on my Cover and Tetsudo so they can respond appropriately and we don’t accidentally cover and attune at the same time.

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