This dummy is a dummy

Time: All the time

Frequency: Every time
World name: Any world
Character name: Doesnt Matter
Retainer name: Not Applicable
NPC name: Striking Dummy
Monster name: Striking Dummy
Class/Level: Any level
Party or solo: Party and Solo
In-game time: All the time
Area and coordinates: Housing, Mist, Goblet etc.
Housing: Yes. Mist, Goblet, etc.
1. Be a Paladin
2. Go to any housing area
3. Target a Striking Dummy
4. Use Goring Blade
5. See more low quality things in Eorzea since 2.x

Here is my paladin hitting a dummy in the housing area.

Note: the Goring Blade effect goes *above* the target, not through it.

Here is my paladin hitting a dummy not in housing areas.

Note: The Goring Blade effect goes through the target, not *above* it, which going through the target i believe is the desired effect….

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