The Red Scrip Fix doesn’t help much

Square, please take a look at the main problem people are having. It was never the slow rate of obtaining red scrips, it was the scarity of materials and the favor system. It still takes 11 hours of 100% RNG based gathering to use up a weeks supply of favors which is far too much time, not only that but the fact that it relies on RNG doesn’t really work well and even when you’re lucky enough to get a concealed node you only get 1 material. The cost of gear is also still too high.

Here’s what we, the community would like to see in a hotfix 1 week (11th August) from now:

Instead of 1 Red Gatherers Token giving you 5 favors, have 1 Blue Gatherers Token give you 1 favor.

Significantly increase the spawn rate of concealed nodes.

Instead of the mats such as Moonbeam Silk requiring 1 Red Crafters Token, change it to require 1 Blue Crafter’s Token. HQ versions should require 3 Blue Crafters Token instead of 3 Red Crafters Token.

Instead of the mats such as Moonbeam Silk requiring 10 Ooids and 10 plants, change it to 3 of each. For HQ versions, change it from 3 to 1.

Halve the cost of all red scrip gear. If an item costs 20 Red Gatherer or Crafter tokens, this should now be 10.

Please take these into consideration as this is what the community wants.

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