The real benefit to Pld’s is knowing which CD’s work together and why

The problem is that it is literally impossible to get specific numbers for some of these moves.

For example, awareness nullifies Crits. Crits are only around 5% chance at a 50% increase. So, we can theoretically put a value to it, but without knowing exactly how many critical hits were nullified in the time span that Awareness is up, it is impossible to know exactly how much dmg was mitigated. The same goes for Bulwark, though for different reasons.

Whereas it is entirely possible to figure out exactly how much dmg is being mitigated by Bulwark when it is active, that value cannot be applied to all Pld’s, as varied types of shields, blockrates, and block strengths will skew the numbers. It’s not a universally effective move for every Pld. Moves like Sentinel and Rampart, conversely, are a mute point when it comes to detailed numbers, because the effect is universal. It doesn’t really matter what’s hitting you. 50% reduction is a 50% reduction.

Interestingly, RoH is probably the one move that would benefit the most from specific number crunching, especially on bosses. Since RoH’s debuff applies to physical output, it would be useful for a Pld to know which bosses are more or less susceptible to the dmg nerf. In A4, for example, it is almost completely useless. The boss itself does 0 physical dmg. So bulwark, Foresight, and RoH are rendered ineffective for any kind of Dmg mitigation in that fight (unless tanking the adds). This means that a Pld can effectively cease their RoH rotation on the boss and it would make no difference to the dmg mitigation of the fight (assuming they have solid aggro and are not at risk of losing it to Dps or the other tank). This means that instead of fretting over making sure the RoH debuff stays up, they can focus their Royal Authority combo and fret over keeping Goring Blade up with little ill-effect on their incoming damage.

The real benefit to Pld’s is knowing which CD’s work together and why. That way you can manipulate them accordingly.

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