The most baffling part of this is the people will come to defend it


As a member of a very small FC who has done 4 rounds of crafting 4-5 airship pieces at a time; it is incredibly tedious and adds absolutely nothing to the workshop experience. There are better ways to have everyone participate in workshop crafting, and forcing you to gather 3 other people to AFK while you press buttons is not one of them. It feels more like artificial gating because they couldn’t (or didn’t have time to) make actual content.

The most baffling part of this is the people that will come to defend it because they feel like you should do things with others in an MMO, so any kind gating is ok. Well, I agree with the idea that MMOs = socialization, but I don’t ask 3 people to come and AFK while I do a dungeon.

They weren’t being snit, the other person was being a dick, and now you’re being rude. The facts are that this is tedious, unnecessary, and exclusionary. I run a small fc of 12 members, a few being alts and the rest being fairly active. Only two of my members craft, myself and my co-leader. That’s it. No one else has fun with it, no one else wants to do it. So not only is getting a party of 4 crafters together like pulling teeth, they can’t even participate because they literally do not enjoy crafting. And no one should be forced to craft. Asking my other members to stop running dungeons/raids/trials, put on their level 1 crafting class, and afk in the workshop is unfair to them, don’t you think? Why should they have to stop doing what they enjoy in order to just stand around doing nothing?

There are better ways of getting this done. If they just let anyone in the fc make the turn ins, people would actually feel as though they were helping. As of now, it feels like I’m forcing them to put their fun on the back burner for my own. If it felt like it wasn’t punishing us for being a small company with only 1 or 2 crafters or if it wasn’t like pulling teeth getting a party together, no one would mind it. But as of now it’s just really obnoxious.

The problem in here lies from the first concept design. SE designed a content where they want the community to be more socialize, FC have something to do together and also from players requested. SE did success create and delivered the idea and the concept, but the way they made it work is wrong.

Not only the basic explanation of how Company Workshop works is no different than a delivery quest (take Ixali daily delivery quest as an example): you make the item, delivery them to the machine NPC. The only different is you are not doing this alone but you may ask other people inside the FC to help you fasten the progress. And it has became a bit far from what they created from the first idea.

My FC has about 12 people online at any given time, usually 4-5 of which are mid to high level crafters. Except those people are *also* high level raiders, or working on another class, or hanging out with a friend, or afk reading something on the internet, etc. Getting 4 people in one place is only easy when you’re in the rare FC where everyone is motivated to do company crafting. For the other 99% of us, getting 4 people in one place is difficult because company crafting is somewhere near the bottom of the list of things they want to do, usually just below “Log off and do anything else at all with my life”.

If company crafting actually WAS a group activity, I could probably get more people excited about it. But right now, people don’t want to be bothered to show up and stand around so someone else can push a button when there are a great many other things they could be doing with their time.

I dont think it should be added to Private estates… theres no FC content as it is… at least the FC crafting station made a reason to be in a FC, I know there will be people who dont want to be in a FC… but then they dont need the crafting station, since it was created for airships originally to get certain mats and Diadem, and they made a way for ppl without a FC to do Diadem … but thats my 2 cents.

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