The current matchmaking prioritizes unranked

Many people, especially top players, see the new ranking system as a failure and rightfully so. More often than not, you can be a current top player on the leader board and somehow be INSTANTLY paired up with people who never played the game mode once in their life. Today as a Gold player I sat in a sub 1 minute que and I somehow was placed with 3 unranked players, two of which explicitly expressed they are brand new players and it was their first game ever. This is not fun to me or the players that ended up on my team because more likely than not the other team is likely to be more balanced than mine and will end up crushing us within 2 minutes in a game mode that normally last the entire 8 minutes.

The current matchmaking prioritizes unranked – silver and gold – diamond, which sounds good on paper for a established leader board. But when you completely wipe people’s rank and everyone starts from scratch, it becomes far more likely that as top players start to rank up through silver and gold that they get paired with people who are unranked, causing disparity and unfairness. This creates a situation that no more how hard you may try, the people on your team aren’t up to par with you and you have almost no chance to win. It isn’t the new players fault, rather it’s the matchmaking that places golds with players with 0 rating. In the bid to fix what a lot of people were complaining about in season 1 they created the SAME EXACT PROBLEM IN A LOWER TIER. The only difference now is that rather being platinum or diamond, we are just gold.

The only solution that makes sense to me is that they need to be far more precise will the matchmaking. They need to prioritize unranked vs unranked, bronze vs bronze and so on, it cannot just be the way it is now when a gold such as myself will get INSTANTLY qued with brand new players without the system even trying to put me with silvers first. It would be much more fun for a gold like me to be paired with people closer to me and for unranked player to be paired verse unranked players because then you actually have a fight, fights where unranked players can actually maybe learn the game rather than get crushed, and higher rated players can get the quality matches that they desire.

This is really about a sense of fairness across the board. right now the games are not fair, Gold tanks/dps get paired with unranked healers and automatically the unranked healer will just be permanently dead while a Gold healer with unranked dps can’t hope to land a kill no matter how hard they try. It really just kills motivation to play not only for top players but for unranked players who want to learn but get overwhelmed in severely lopsided teams. Lopsided teams are no fun, balanced teams are.

I hope you fix this SE, otherwise the mode will ultimately just slowly die like it did last season. Remember why you made the change to matchmaking in the first place, the only difference now is that it is a problem for silver/golds rather than plats and diamonds.

Did you ever consider that maybe this is for the best experience for everyone? Because my experiences show that inexperienced players would hardly ever get things done because nobody has knowledge to know what to do. In fact would promote people buying clears which I have never agreed with. Although I’m not quite sure why you feel your knowledge isn’t up to par. A good teacher can help & make even the dumbest person good in fact I used to be that nub that didn’t know anything my teacher taught me extremely well I’m not the nub I used to be when I started mmo’s. I’m not the greatest but not nearly as bad.

I can’t teach people everything within the minute they give you at the start of the game let alone when I actually have to devote my keyboard to playing rather than explain to them what to do. Also it does no good for unranked players to be paired with me when the game is one sided, they learn nothing and I leave frustrated. They would have a better time being eased into higher ranked rather than thrown into the meat grinder. That is usually how a majority of games work, however in this one, they think that a balanced and fair team is simply balancing the rating numbers regardless of rank which isn’t the case at all. Would you make a 1st grader do college calculus? No you wouldn’t.

Well if you can’t handle it, you can’t handle it. I’ve seen plenty of people teach/tell inexperienced players how to do such & such without making excuses & clearing whatever, but hey what do I know? For me I’d rather be with people that know what they are doing (as long as they are not being elitist, pricks) or in your words being thrown in the meat grinder. No I wouldn’t, but sorry to say no mmo should be referred to as hard as a 1st grader doing calculus, lol.

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