The Bottom Feeders: Moves You Never Use and Why

Yo! I’m bored so I figured I’d post a question that everyone here has experience with and has probably been mentioned before several times over. Every Tank Job in this game has certain moves that they almost never use, or at least use far less frequently than the rest. I want to know: which moves are your bottom feeders, why, and what might be done to change that.

For example:
1. Pld: Tempered Will.

I almost never use it. Cooldown is WAY too long and the move has almost zero utility except in rare instances.

Solution? Lower the CD, maybe add an additional effect (Tp regen? Raid utility? Anything, really)

2. Drk: Abyssal Drain.

I use it very infrequently. Unleash does the job just fine for Aggro, and Hp regen is only a plus when in Dark Arts… which severely drains my MP pool for extra healing that I typically have a healer there for.

Solution? … I dunno. Increase Mp cost, but swap the effect of Dark Arts (ie: Abyssal drain always restores small (much less than currently) amounts of Hp, but only provides aggro when used with Dark Arts) I dunno, but right now I just don’t use it much.

3. War: This one’s a toughy… Maybe Unchained?

I still use it quite a bit, but not as often thanks to the stance dancing brought in by Deliverance.

Solution? Again, I don’t know… maybe lower the CD or add a reverse effect while already in Deliverance… but that seems Op….

These are just the 3 that came to mind. I’m sure other people have their own lists and reasons (maybe it’s just in a bad spot on your Hotbar…who knows). Have fun with it. What moves grate your gears and stay hidden at the bottom of your utility belt collecting dust?

PS. This is not just for Pld’s to gripe. I realize that the current state of affairs means Pld’s have more moves to complain about than Drk’s and War’s, but I’m actually more curious about those 2. So try, just try, to not turn this into another Pld dps debate.

I’m pretty sure they did hotfix that… I can’t remember though. Been a while since I’ve gotten that one as my roulette, now that I think about it.
You’re right though. It is FAR more useful than most people give it credit for, especially when you consider that it doubles in utility by removing binds and heavies (most of them, anyway). Still, the obstinately long cooldown does restrict it’s usage far more than is necessary. Considering how situational the move is, the CD is a bit of overkill. For example, your own example in Fractal. You could only use that move once in that fight. So, for one instance in that fight out of the 3 (on common average) times he uses that knockback you get a tiny advantage. Considering you can only use it the one time before you can never use it again, it seems redundant to even bother. It also doesn’t change that, out of all my Pld moves, Tempered is by far the one I use least.

Again, very true. However, the mp drain caused by the move is far more dmging than the Hp you stand to gain, especially since you have a healer who should be healing you in the first place. So, again, not used as frequently for me as the rest of the moves.

I’m pretty sure Dark passenger has actually been proved to be an inefficient use of Dark Arts. So that’s another good example. The Hp gain on DA-Soul Eater is better for mitigation than the blind, especially since you are multiplying your Mp destruction by using DA and DP at the same time. It’s better to pop DP on CD and use Soul Eater for mitigation. DP is still a dps gain, mind you, so I wouldn’t say the move itself is a bottom feeder… but the additional effect caused by Dark Arts certainly fits the bill.

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