TGS 2015: Final Fantasy XIV Will Receive PlayStation VR Support

During a TGS 2015 conference, Sony announced a few special things regarding their upcoming ventures in virtual reality. For one thing, their notorious Project Morpheus is being renamed to PlayStation VR . For another thing, Final Fantasy XIV will be receiving virtual reality support via PlayStation VR. And finally, a VR game is already in development based on the anime series Aquarion Evol .

Final Fantasy XIV

So why was Project Morpheus , an evocative name that invoked the Greek god of dreams, renamed to the coma-inducingly boring and practical PlayStation VR? Masayasu Ito, EVP, Division president of PS Product Business and VP, Software Design Division explained in a blog post:

“The name ‘PlayStation VR’ not only directly expresses an entirely new experience from PlayStation that allows players to feel as if they are physically inside the virtual world of a game, but it also reflects our hopes that we want our users to feel a sense of familiarity as they enjoy this amazing experience.”

Branding and boredom. Copy that. As for this Final Fantasy XIV VR support, details as to how PlayStation VR will be integrated into the world of Eorzea are scarce for now. Back in April , director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida stated parts of Eorzea were already VR-compatible. Unfortunately, the graphics level had to be lowered in order to make those parts of the Final Fantasy XIV game world compatible with PlayStation VR, but Yoshida stated the experience was a unique one he hoped would be available to fans soon.

According to reports from TGS 2015, the addition of VR to the world of Final Fantasy XIV makes for a wildly immersive feel that will require lots of swivel room.

As for the Aquarion Evol VR game, gameplay footage from TGS 2015 showed off multiplayer mech battles that involved three people. The plot of Aquarion Evol focuses on a war between two planets fought via giant robots piloted by Elements, or people with special powers, as seen through the eyes of protagonist Amata Sora.

Other names floated through the TGS 2015 either as likely candidates for the PlayStation VR treatment include Cyber Danganronpa, Hatsune Miku, Tekken 7, Summer Lesson, The Playroom VR and more .

PlayStation VR is set for an early 2016 release date and is projected to cost as much as a new console.

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