Testing 1436 synthesis

Someone listed 5 dryad saps for 2.5 mil total (which seems rather low…) but I decided to take that opportunity (read, take a hit) to atleast start gathering data about crafting 1436 synths. hopefully these numbers can help the rest of ya’ll, as I always am happy to share any info.

My Craftmanship with HQ baked onion soup is 751. Thats the only number pertinent to this since I always start figuring out rotations based on how I”m gonna complete them. I never use rapid because I don’t like RNG in a completion step btw. This just a personal thing.

This test afforded me two chances to gather numbers, since both the mat and the final craft have the same difficulty and durability.

First hit, Muscle Memory VS NameBrand:
Muscle Memory (473)
NameBrand (442)

Opening with Muscle Memory is likely a must.

Size of CSII hit with IGII up: 176
Name/Brand Hits after Makers mark:
347, 274, and the last hit is smaller then 176 so only 2 hits of Name Brand are worthwhile.

since I was futzing around, gathering data was my priority over raising quality, so with 6 hits on byregots I got like 26% chance to HQ (I think, I wansn’t really paying attention)….
likely, with all NQ mats, the best you can expect consistently may be somewhere between 40-60% to HQ with the right rotation.

I actually should of fraps this because I missed some data. oops.

Also the NQ stats on astral birch ring are WORSE then HQ stats on hallowed chestnut lmao. I guess the main difference is meld caps, but who’s gonna perfect meld an NQ. so if you don’t HQ, its garbage.

and of course we’ll have to do this a crap load of times. this is just awful.
also, this is the first time we don’t have a cheaper food craft we can test on. le sigh.

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