Tank adjustments we can agree on?

I know that there are a lot of threads demanding nerfs and buffs in this sub-forum, but having thought about the tank classes quite a bit, I wanted to bring up some adjustments to the tank jobs that I think would an improvement and see if there isn’t at least some stuff we can all agree on. While some of them do work out to being buffs, they really are more about awkwardness that got built in or exposed with 3.0 and should be fixed.

Defiance should buff Lustrate/Tetragrammaton/Essential Dignity

While WAR is doing fine, it’s pretty messed up that Defiance doesn’t extend to instant heals. Besides the obvious issue with a Scholar, it just reduces the value of even using Defiance.

Native tank spells (Flash/Unmend/Unleash/Clemency) should have their cast times and recast times based on Skill Speed, not Spell Speed.

Skill Speed is completely worthless if you’re spamming AoE spells or casting. There shouldn’t be a stat with literally 0 value so much of the time.

Dark Knight should have a means of managing TP without dropping Grit other than spamming Unmend.
One option would be to give a Dark Arts effect to Delirium that reduces the TP cost to 0 when in Grit, but there might be a better way to handle it.

Shield Swipe needs its potency increased. It’s just not worth using at its current potency.

I think about 250 potency would be similar to where it was at before 3.0 in terms of the DPS gain and it makes TP management and buff timings more interesting.
Paladin should have an offensive spell as an option to manage TP as OT.

Paladin still has no TP management as OT and no use for its extensive MP management toolkit most of the time. This would also give some significance to Fight or Flight buffing only physical damage since even a spell with 350 potency would be a DPS loss if used wrong during FoF. This spell should be instant since having a cast time conflicts with Sword Oath and should also have enough MP cost that it’s mutually exclusive with Clemency (at least 3.1k MP cost).

It should be possible to parry and block critical damage.
While this would be a slight Awareness nerf, it really should not be possible for you to have Raw Intuition or Sheltron up and then have the Hand in A3 Savage crit you for 13k from the front.

Rage of Halone should have its potency increased slightly.

The potency penalty for keeping the Rage of Halone debuff up as OT is too high and hate generation could also use a boost now that PLD has 3 combos to juggle. Increasing the potency to 300 would make the potency gap 40 compared to Royal Authority (the same potency a WAR loses by replacing Butcher’s Block with Storm’s Path) so it would be worth thinking about the STR debuff. This change wouldn’t increase PLD’s max DPS at all, it’s about how Halone fits in with the new skills.

If Square Enix ever wants us to wear Fending gear with a Summoner and a Monk in the party:

AoE threat potencies should be buffed slightly. With the changes to DPS classes in 3.0, keeping ARR threat modifiers means that with good DPS you pretty much never want to wear Fending accessories in dungeons.
Flash especially needs more potency because it can’t crit and FoF doesn’t work on it.

Things I’m less certain about, but think are probably good ideas:

Grit, Sword Oath, and Shield Oath should not cancel combos.

I think it’s fine that these cost a global cooldown and MP, but having them cancel combos is disadvantageous if you suddenly need to swap in when the MT dies or otherwise suddenly need to tank.

Blood Prince maybe should have a chance to recover MP when you dodge (maybe a 20% chance or something)

I do like that you have to think about when to use Blood Prince and that you sometimes have to choose between extra mitigation and extra MP. Maybe this is fine as is, but it can be awkward finding a time for evasion and blind if you’re working with other crowd-control abilities like Holy.

The Dark Arts effect for Dark Dance should just be changed entirely to an extra 15% parry rate.
This would make it useful on bosses that can’t miss and fix the Blood Prince issue automatically
Things I don’t actually hope to see, but would just make life easier

Adding a Surecast-like aspect on to Tempered Will (casts cannot be interrupted during its duration)

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