Taking hacked accounts more seriously

A friend of mine was hacked.
His account completely stripped of everything he worked for.

I know for a fact he had not been on any dodgy websites or done anything illegal. All he did, was want to play the game.

Now, his account wasn’t ‘banned’, it was ‘suspended’ which kinda meant nothing seeing as they were still able to get into the account and strip it bare. NCsoft emailed him with an IP address that had ‘tried’ to access the account.

Now, at that point you would think they would just shut down the account, yet somehow it was still left open for the hackers to get in and take take take.

It took him nearly 4 days for them to unlock his account (after the GM’s clearly didn’t read what he wrote in the tickets and changed the account to the wrong email address although he clearly stated which one was the hacked one).

Why is this allowed to happen? It doesn’t just ‘happen to people that buy bns gold‘ because he didn’t, or his account would have been shut down and told it was closed due to suspicious activity, but he didn’t get anything like that. In fact he probably spent more money on ncoin to trade in ctrl+c than most people would spend buying illegal gold anyway.

My point is, how and why is this being allowed to happen? And why can he not get what they took back even if it would be just the gold he earned. Surely NCSoft would have a record of what he had before they emailed him to tell him he was hacked, why can’t they reinstate? They didn’t even leave enough for him to freaken windstride.

Sorry, this is just a super sore point and it’s really put a downer on the whole experience.

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