Thundercloud change was extremely beneficial in A1 Savage

I do believe there is no reason to use Sharpcasft Fire 1 in between rotations DPS wise. You gain more betting on the 40% and having a free Thundercloud proc worth 780 Potency after that Fire 1. This mean it should do about 660 Potency if you clip 3 ticks. 700 Potency if you clip 2 ticks. It’s much better than Fire 3 proc. Actually, F3 proc is 432 Potency and T3 Thundercloud is 460 Potency + 320 from ticks lol.

I’m not saying your numbers are wrong but they may be misguided. Don’t forget to take opportunity costs into account. Every potency you take from the previous Thunder, every F4 you turn into a B1 or another T1, will make it a lot less simple than just 780 vs F4 vs F3 (IE even though technically using a Thundercloud at 18s left of Thunder is a DPS gain in pure potency, it’s not actually a tangible DPS gain because you traded a different move + last Thunder’s duration + a potentially weaker future Thunder since you’d be clipping then too for that Thundercloud). In some cases Thundercloud will straight up be virtually the same DPS as without if you clip too hard and you lose a F4, and clip near the end and you might be losing 300+ potency by trading in a B1 for an F4.


Not saying Thundercloud doesn’t have a place, or your idea about Sharpcast T1 definitely isn’t real (I see a lot of opportunity cost there though), just I think you should look deeper than what a DoT will do for you right then and there; after all, if on SMN you do Bio > Bio, technically the second one is almost full potency but you just made that first Bio absolute garbage. Without going into the math heavy I think it will mostly be a situational dummy increase depending on where it is in our rotation. I also think the best thing to know for now is if you have to dodge and you have Thundercloud it is absolutely worth it to skip a F4 later on in that instance, because that’s a real, tangible scenario where you wouldn’t have done anything without Thundercloud.

I wonder about that. If you use the whole 30 as efficiently as possible, say with procs and thunder during Umbral Ice, your second rotation might be just long enough to where you can just let enochian expire and wait the 5 seconds to refresh it.

Doesn’t sound like a DPS increase, but it does sound like you’re giving more leeway for procs which might be a net increase.

I don’t think making thunder better was the right fix. It’s like if you were having problems getting furniture through a doorway and the solution was to get heavier furniture. I guess you might have an easier time making a larger doorway, though probably not on purpose.

All very good suggestions, though rather than having fire 4 affect AF stacks I think it should be able to proc firestarter. Since f3 is no longer our strongest spell outside of flare and since we have to worry about enochian falling off it would turn firestarter procs into a utility cast. Need to move? Fire 3. Accidentally lost all your AF stacks? Fire 3. This solution would give is slightly more dps in ideal situations without an unnecessary flat potency increase and would give us more tools for mobility and utility than we have now.

So far the Thundercloud change was extremely beneficial in A1 Savage. You can definitely exploit 2 targets to get multiple procs. I’m also extremely satisfied with my first kill parse on BLM. I did 1009 DPS and this is considering I got hit by a missile and lost damage near the end. It wasn’t the best but regardless I am content with it. I like the hard DPS checks, it’s really challenging.

I didn’t manage to break 1k, did about 50 less than you. There were some enrage wipes with me above 1k though, so I’m confident I can reach it. Group comp is PLD, WAR, SCH, WHM, MNK, BRD, SMN, BLM. It looks really bad now that I’m watching the video because I dropped Enochian early a couple of times trying to position adds and didn’t bother reapplying it before the jump because I’d just lose it again, so I just used 2.0 rotation until the jump and the thunder change really helped my DPS here I think. I made a lot of stupid decisions during adds where I could have done much better, but it was our best pull yet so I was just focused on not wiping the group. Also used a Pot when it was off CD instead of saving it for after the final jump, something I’ll remember next week.