The premade party only thing should remain

If anything I think the premade party only thing should remain, you should be made to start from floor 1 not 51, to get to 101-200. And if you wipe, you should be forced to restart from floor 1 after a week long ban from POTD completely. With your stats reset to +0 on both arm and armor (or +1 if that’s what it started at by default). And yes, I know a certain someone is going to come here and tell me not to have kids again… but I still stand by my beliefs in this. It should be a timesink in terms of getting to the floor, and then brutally difficult once you reach it, and failure should be punished heavily.

I’m fairly certain if you’re asking for this you haven’t touched 150+. No healer? Dead. Someone not on the ball with dodges? Dead, potentially even wiping the entire party. Some random pulling hate on a Chimera at a bad time? Everyone gets AOE’d and instant-wipe.

Pretty much this. Good luck with Behemoth on 170 (?) with randoms. I cleared 200, and the last 30 or so floors are some of the most mentally draining things I’ve ever done in this game. The rng nature of the place has you on edge constantly, because you know that one false move (chimera trains anyone?) is gonna make the last 4 hours you spent in the place mean absolutely nothing.


Most of the people in my FC that run PotD don’t try to run just 10 floors a week, they try to run the whole thing in one day. So that 4-8 hours or w/e is a pretty significant amount of time to lose. I’d actually feel WORSE if I spent 9 weeks getting to floor 190 and wipe than grinding away my saturday afternoon and wiping. I’ve avoided it simply due to the having to start over at lvl 51. Like others have said, 51-150 is very boring unless the party is bad and losing that time grinding through boring floors is just not worth it to me. I factor in “potential time lost” in my time commitment, not just setting aside time to do something, I guess.

I would prefer starting at 101 but wiping on floors 101-150 will only make you restart on the floor after the last boss you beat (111,121,131,141). Then on 151+, if you wipe, you lose all progress and start over at 101. To me, that would get more people to at least try it since the starting levels aren’t that punishing. I’d settle for just starting at 101, tbh.

Actually no. Floors 101-200 isn’t really hard enough to require a fixed party. And the great thing about opening it in the Duty Finder is that if people want to take the risk of getting wiped because of a bad player, they understood that when they used the Duty Finder, yet you can still go in with a fixed party if you want.

Actually, no. You can handle every floor without a dedicated healer just fine. You simply need to be careful and know when to exploit your self heals. Paladins can also serve a pseudo-healer if needed and we all know Warrior is just stupid with all its self-healing. Would the necessary coordination work in duty finder though? Probably not. At the same time, who cares? If you don’t want to risk a bad group, you can still go in with a premade.

150+, there is a Flood Dragon mob that turns around to use an ice puddle AOE 5-6 sec after you pull it that does around half health on non tanks on impact and applies a frostbite that ticks for an insane amount of damage (5k per tick on dps) that will drop someone in about 2 ticks with no healing or cleanse. Need a fast cleanse for that or paean if no dodge. Worst mob in there.

Chimera is next since the voices need to be silenced and a non dodge causes a one shot. The worm doesn’t use the draw in insta wipe unless you dps it too slow. Crawler uses a really bad poison but if you stun after getting slowed you can avoid it.

They are not going to remove the option of going in with a fixed party, if that is what you want. All we are asking is to let those of us that want to go in with matched to be able to do so. It is called give me the choice and I can decide what I want to do. To just have it gated for no REAL reason is ludicrous.

The funny part of this is that there REALLY is NO reason to have it gated. You can choose what you want to do if you want to go it with fixed party that is YOUR choice. Don’t try to dictate what I am doing based on what you want to do. No one is asking you to join a mixed party if YOU do not want to. You queue as you see fit. What is the big deal? I pay $$ and I want to have a choice that’s called freedom of decision. Is there an amendment for that? How about “Freedom of Choice” is a fundamental right, grouped with a “Right to Privacy”. The Ninth Amendment alludes to it and the Fourteenth Amendment enforces it.