FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Paladin vs. Warrior

Oh yea definitely now that Heavensward has separated the classes even more. I’ve now gotten the awesome Self Heal skill I wanted, as well as much more depth to the class. I haven’t played Warrior yet but from what I hear, they are now total damage whoppers.

At this point it seems PLD’s system is unique and intricate Defense abilities, whereas WAR’s system is focused more on pushing out as much damage as possible while holding aggro. But correct me if I’m wrong as I haven’t played WAR.

Wouldn’t know. My Pld is still 50, been working on Dk though, who sit comfortably in the middle of the two. Not as much DPS as war, not as much mitigation as pld, but enough of both to be as effective.

I’m not going to lie to anyone here. As much as Warrior has high amounts of HP and can deal more damage as a tank, Paladins were very hard to kill whenever you play PvP. They’re VERY heavy on defense buffs and can stun you instantly.

Very heavy Shield Oath for 20% Def Sentinel for 40% Foresight if you cross classed it and Rampart oml get some stoneskin flash someone they won’t even be hurting you primarily but then gotta think about them CD so gotta follow with Hollowed Ground and Convalesense and maybe after use Fight or Flight and Bloodbath and Awareness, then use bulwark to hold out till things come off CD and repeat, just goin off the top of my head for what I’d use despite the fact i’m not 50 on my PLD yet.

I’m only interested in tanking primals. I simply cannot tank in dungeons since i get confused and lost and feel pressured by my party :/. but i tanked Ifrit and some guildhest bosses and t was fun. I’ve only played for 3 months, which tank should i pick? Paladin gear looks cooler xD.

I know i’m a little late to the comments section, But I wanted to point out that while I fully understand your frustrations, I hope that the newer tanks that watch this don’t get in the habit of never using Riot blade. You put a lot of hate on it, and at the begining sure it isn’t for tanking a party, too often later levels it’s the only thing that’ll allow unlimited use of aoe tanking without a bard or machinist. It has a proper home. I just feel you should have made a point that it’s only bad if you overuse it for dps reasons. that’s like telling a Dark Knight not to use syphon strike. early early tanking no. but later it’s invaluable.