The FFXIV Mentor Crown [Satire/ Funny Machinima]

Me telling a mentor how to heal,dnt you have regen? “oh didnt realize i had that” your healing in cleric stance “dnt tell me how to heal im a mentor”…..God help the people your teaching.

I’ve been in too many fights with mentors who really just have the crown to show off.. they don’t even know simple mechanics half the time and neglect to perfect their class… turn off the crown and do guildhests until you deserve the title noob…

I’m not the beast teacher but even if I was I would gladly accept new ways of playing and advice to better see what methods work best for certain types of players. What I worry about not getting respect just because I haven’t done raiding and Savage which is extra points to the end game, yes, but just because I don’t complete it doesn’t mean I don’t have knowledge of a lot of things like my class.

Good mote that seems to have fallen through the cracks, is that the mentor icons are getting a graphic change separating between hand/land/ combat.