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The best place to buy ffxiv gil in 2017 must be

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A proposed solution for having players become better ffxiv players

We’ve had a lot of posts lately either commenting / complaining about player skill levels or proposing punishments for players who don’t cut it. I think a better method is to incentivize players rather than punish them since SE will never implement a punishment system.

What I propose is creating a skill-based bonus reward per player not dissimilar to the adventurer in need bonus you can get for queuing up as a needed class (ie, tank). This would be a rewards incentive of bonus tomes, ffxiv gil, experience, and/or a small chance of a drop at the end of the dungeon based on how well you have performed. The base criteria I propose would be the following, but they can certainly be tweaked:

1. DPS roles: Your bonus rating is calculated by the amount of DPS you deal. If the system were advanced enough to allow it, I’d also have it subtract a number factored by the amount of avoidable damage you take.

2. Tank roles: Your bonus rating is calculated by DPS combined with enmity and damage mitigation.

3. Healer roles: Your bonus rating is calculated by amount of actual health restored (ie, overhealing or spamming heal on max health characters wouldn’t count) combined with DPS. As content becomes easier from being overgeared, you’ll find your DPS contribution scaling a bit more than your healing contribution.

These would basically just be looking at only the boss fights for the calculations. Think something akin to Stone, Sky, Sea’s expectations but the number would be higher since SSS is looking for a minimum effort. The bonus rating requirement will be calculated by your gear’s stats and the fight itself (which would vary because a Savage raid fight is different than Fractal), so you will always have to perform well to achieve a bonus. At the end of an instance, if a player ended up getting a bonus, a special animation / effect would play like a level up so as to encourage earning that.

Some good things about this proposal:

1. It directly incentivizes people to care.
2. Not getting the bonus would likely make people want to earn the bonus and thus educate themselves to play better.
3. Extra experience and tomes directly cut down on leveling and anima grinds. People will want to play better.

Some problems I see with this proposal:

1. It won’t help anyone who truly doesn’t care. There’s no helping these people no matter what you do.
2. Since we’re only looking at boss fights and since pulls can vary so much in size and pacing, it doesn’t do anything to encourage people to actually use AoE skills on trash packs.

With FFXIV-style teleporting between homepoints being added in FFXI now

Really I don’t see Yoshi and the development team ever bothering with such a feature now – players asked about it way back in Beta and they basically said “no” as it is adds little to nothing to gameplay and just wastes player time for the development and system resources required to be spent on it. Also Eorzean airships (namely, the Bronco- class ships) operated by Highwind Skyways are far far smaller than the Vanad’diel airships and are definitely not designed to feature as zones (they look more like flying taxis than actual ships).

And one of the major peeves of mine about FFXI’s airships with the ‘real time flight’ aspect was they ran to strict timetables, and there was nothing more infuriating than missing an airship or ferry by the skin of my teeth and then having to wait a frustrating long time for the next one to arrive (like, up to nearly an hour of real time at least in some cases, like with the ferry) – at least here airships only depart when you board them so leave that nonsense behind in the past where it belongs. With FFXIV-style teleporting between homepoints being added in FFXI now (complete with ffxiv gil cost) and the result of airships barely seeing any use at all now in FFXI it’s clear even SE themselves regard the concept as outdated.

Finally it’s highly likely we will not be visiting a new continent for quite a long time yet (we still have one Eorzean citystate to visit, namely Ala Mhigo, which is strongly hinted to be the city we will be travelling to in the next expansion) so even if SE did decide to add this for ‘international’ airship flights, it won’t be added any time soon I’m afraid.

Those train tracks are not as long as they seem, they only run between Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona and Castrum Meridanium in Northern Thanalan – they don’t run anywhere else (it’s little more than a glorified conveyor belt). Given you already use the tracks on foot as the zone line between the two zones, there is zero use or need for the player to actually travel on it – unless, it was used to access say Castrum Centri as an actual dungeon in the future. But that is highly unlikely.

Now Ul’dah’s separate railway on the other hand I can definitely see being used for players as an extra mode of transport in and out of the city, similar to the ferries used in Limsa Lominsa and Gridania… but alas, given the backstory of the railway that Lolorito has been deliberately stonewalling Nanamo’s attempts to open the line up to passengers (to prevent competition to his lucrative chocobo haulage business), alas I don’t see this sadly happening either. Help Players Buy FFXIV Gil Cheap Online is assisting a number of players of FFXIV game buy FFXIV Gil online at cost effective prices. Final Fantasy XIV game is one of the most liked games in the Western Market. FF14GilHub is famous for its excellent customer services, affordable prices and instant delivery.

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Final Fantasy XIV Guide How to Build a Longer Shovel (Crafting 1-50)


This is a follow-up of the previous guide, How to Dig a Deeper Hole in which I explained tactics which could be used to streamline the leveling process of what is usually a very tedious and long grind. While some aspects of this guide will be direct reflections of the Gathering guide due to the lack of instanced content for Disciples of the Hand/Land, there are a lot more tools and strategies at your disposal when leveling a crafting class. It is highly recommended that you have at least finished the 2.0 main scenario quests before attempting to level a crafting class up to 50.

Material Acquisition
While the vendors near your class trainer can normally supplement you with all of the materials needed ’til around level 20, there will come a time where materials will gradually become more difficult to obtain without having delved into other Disciples of the Hand or Land classes. Here are the options available to any Crafting class looking for their materials:
Market Board: The market board is the most easily accessed resource that not only provides quick results, but also helps keep the gil flowing through the hands of the players in the economy. Unfortunately, multiple item listings suffer from either extremely high demand which ultimately leads to price gouging or extremely low demand which normally makes items so cheap that you vendor them for the same amount. If you do choose to use the Market Board, be sure that the item is not readily available from an NPC.
Farming yourself: It’s important that if you plan to gather a particular item yourself that you make sure that the area where you’re gathering it is both possible for the class you need to use to gather it, and that you make sure to weigh the amount of time spent gathering this item versus the current price on the Market Board. One can quickly lose themselves to gathering the components needed for a certain schematic only to lament that the hours they spent outside of the class they were trying to level could have been accomplished for small amount of gil at the Market Board.
Beast Tribes: There’s always an alternative to buying some of the more general components on the Market Board. If you have already grinded out the reputations of the beast tribes or are willing to put in the minimal work needed to just unlock their vendors, you can potentially gain access to an expanded list of materials which can supplement you into the lv45-50 range. Always be sure to check the Market Board against the prices through since a lot of players don’t take these vendors into consideration when putting up items for sale.
Amalj’aa: This vendor is located at the Ring of Ash in Southern Thanalan and sells Iron, Steel, and Mythril components for Blacksmithing and Armorsmithing.
Sylphs: This vendor is located at Little Solace in East Shroud and uniquely sells Wildfowl Feathers, Linen Yarn, Undyed Linen, and Undyed Velveteen.
Kobolds: This vendor is located at the 789th Order Dig in Outer La Noscea. While his purpose is a little odd, this vendor is the only NPC to sell Vitriol, Bomb Ash, Aldgoat Horns, Scalekin Blood, and Blue Landtrap Leaves.
Sahagin: This vendor is located at Novv’s Nursery in Western La Noscea and uniquely sells Night Milk, Midland Basil, Sun Lemons, Olive Oil, and Smooth Butter. He also sells Sunset Wheat Flour which is only matched by an obscure merchant in Gridania. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV Guide How to Build a Longer Shovel (Crafting 1-50)