The majority of clearing healers don’t need mana at that point

Thus, if 1 target only (the main one) then that target will take 100 + 200 potency damage. If 2 targets, main target will take 100 + 100 potency and 2nd target will take 100 potency. If 3, then 1st target is 100 + ~67, 2nd target is ~67 and 3rd target is ~67. And so on. It’s overall damage won’t really increase regardless of how many targets there are, and will do more damage per target the less targets there are.

my reasoning is just based on experience and observations. i know 3 groups where the healers don’t need mana at that point on 3rd leg. i dunno what they’re doing gcd by gcd or how they manage their manage with ethers or refreshes; i just know that all of them do it well enough that they don’t need mp on the 3rd leg. 4th and final phase is different per group; my own group’s healers don’t need mana other than 15s HC mana+15s~ normal mana in last phase, for the entire fight. so from my pov, the majority of clearing healers don’t need mana at that point, and that’s why i said that you should not need mana at that same point.

I hope they make an AF2 set in dungeon gear or something for new jobs. I want a Mustadio set. I tried to glamour it using a yellow dyed tunic and a pair of blue dyed kecks, but it looks awful. Also why can’t we get goggles that can /visor so they’re on our foreheads instead of over our eyes?


the thing about the loss of mana in A4S is that it’s 100% planned around, losing your entire MP pool sounds terrible at first but when you save your resource skills for them it’s really not that bad. It also allows you to be really careless about your mana leading UP to wirbelwind casts, since essentially any mana you’re still sitting on as it casts is “wasted”, so you’re free to burn it all away however you’d like.

They all line up very nicely with the start of the phase so I’ve been popping them there, immediately at the transition after adds. But ferrofluid will come out midway through Wildfire so I’ll lose a couple of GCDs being stunned, not sure if that’s worth it, better to wait till after?

Depending on how long ago he swapped It’s going to take him a while…A4S is pretty tricky for machinists and if he’s new to the job and new to doing it on a4s at the same time his dps will be crap (and he’s only i198 which is kinda low). So that looks about right for someone just picking it up.

Also you should post some more information if you want more information…821 DPS means nothing really…If he’s 821 at the start it’s super bad, 821 after he’s had to sac himself and still doing 821 isn’t to bad though since he’s a noob. Also shouldn’t he be here asking for tips or looking at this and not you?

The numbers I posted above were usually 2nd/early 3rd leg parses with a few quarantines. If the fight were to progress any further, and with my group’s strategy of making the BRD/MCH sac 3x times, I would imagine his DPS would be around 500 – 800 for the entire fight. As for the specific tips I was looking for, I found a few watching Aiuri’s POV streams.

I love the aesthetics of the machinist job but its complexity kinda worries me. My main is scholar but my secondary is dragoon and I think I’m not too bad at it. I know the rotation well and do good dps. Compared to dragoon, is machinist really hard? I’m not really used to reacting to unforeseen events on dragoon since the only rng bit would be deciding if I should use Wheeling Thrust or Fang & Claw depending on the proc and from what I’ve seen machinist relies A LOT on procs. Is there someone who plays both and could put them in perspective?

2nd reload/rico/reassemble – on CD if it comes up in first phase. you will unlikely use all of your ammo; but you can keep storing ammo with QR for the lone knight dps check while you do the megaflare pillar+holy chains. if you push first phase with really high dps (all i210 etc) these skills won’t be off cd before phase change, but otherwise, you can get a bit of extra dps here.