FFXIV: Heavensward – Dark Knight All Job Skills and Abilities Guide

One question. To become a DRK, you firstly must level up any job to level 50, right? Dragoon for example, once yo get to that level and finish the requiered quest in Isghard, I heard you start at level 30, but I dont really understand that, i mean im new in the game and i dont see how can you be level 50 as dragoon and at the same time level 30 as dark knight. Is that in this game you can actually be all the classes with only one character? Am i able to be archer also?

Another thing that worries me is that thing called cross jobs or something like that, I would like to be lancer until i get to dark knight but i heard its preferable to level up as a paladin or gladiator(i dont like them) is there any problem if I get to lvl 50 with a lancer and then become Drk as my main job? Best regards.

i just got Dark Passenger and i was racking my brain trying to figure out how the hell was it useful cause a 150 potency straight line attack with a half a minute cooldown sounds meh but clearly later getting Dark Arts it becomes much better making it be 250 potency and adds Blind for 15 seconds.

With Dark Arts it becomes a great ability to use when pulling. It works similar to Flash, but is a little more difficult to use because of its frontal AoE style. However, it actually does damage unlike Flash. Additionally, it is oGCD, meaning you can weave it into your weaponskill rotation!

Aren’t you sad that the video you show at the end has a sweet aura on the drk’s feet but in the game is isnt there? I thought that was Grit’s aura but they must of took it out. so sad.

this video is wrong about your highest hitting attack, it is not soul eater…. its power slash that is your highest hitting. Soul eater has a combo potency of 260 while power slash has 300. the only way Soul eater has the highest is if you use dark arts witch then makes it a 400 potency and must be combo’d to reach it.