Suggestion: The Cull/Culling Time/Going out and killing things! GROUP Content!

The regions of Ishgard are under constant threat! Venture out into the wilds and fight back against the hordes of monsters that threaten the local population! Earn experience, achievements and unique rewards while keeping the borders safe!

A new pesistant event throughout Heavensward Zones, bringing players together for an additional way to level up when out of quests/leves or instance queues are taking too long

4 Players (Pre-made or Solo) enter The Culling Ring located at a settlement in each zone, after selection of role and options the player is moved into a group by the system and given a brief moment to meet and greet before The Cull begins, groups can be made of any combination of roles although the usual TANK/HEAL/DPS set-up will increase chance of success!

The group moves along a pre-determined path into the wilderness, bringing back the sense of adventure! Although they are free to explore other areas as they venture out (many secrets await those who explore!) At various points the group will have to complete objectives eg. they are ambushed, surveying an area, a treasure chest appears (a trap?!) escort a civilian, the group may have to split up to complete some objectives! FATES will continue to spawn as normal completing these while in a Cull group will reward additonal exp! “Normal” monsters will aggro as usual however monsters that spawn during a Cull will not reset and must be killed before continuing!

At various points the group will come across a camp, they may have to clear monsters before they can rest or resting may spawn a tough boss monster! Stopping at a Camp “saves” your progress here you can decide if you wish to continue or return to base, any equipment found will now have the option to be rolled on (based on zone level) ffxiv gil and tokens will be automatically distributed

The Cull will end when – The Group makes it to the final Camp at the end of the trail and returns to base or if the group is wiped out !WARNING! any exp earnt will be kept however Final Fantasy XIV gil, tokens and equipment are lost up to the last “save” so dont rush ahead or you risk losing everything!

Level Sync will be in operation allowing players to play with friends or travel to zones where more people are participating, players earn more experience the closer there level is to the Culls level eg. Western Highlands LVL 50 Forelands LVL 52 Hinterlands LVL 58

Flying Mounts do not work during a Cull to prevent groups skipping content
Chocobo companions can be summoned, allowing 4 + 4 groups, difficulty will increase dramatically and exp is lowered for players
Players can change class during a cull but only at Base or a Camp

Rewards include various achievements eg X Culls completed etc and Tokens can be spent on minions, bardings, glamour gear and level based “instance” equipment (eg a Western Highlands Cull token can be used to buy a peice of gear from Dusk Vigil great for if you have had terrible RNG or plan to level another class!)

The Cull is meant as an aditional way to level up, especially for those who suffer from long queue times, play with players from their own servers and learn their roles outside of instance based enviroments! The system would reward group play, giving each player a Rank at the end of The Cull and reward them, level sync allows 60 players to join up for their own completion or to gather gear for their next leveling class

Suggestions and Thoughts!

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