Suggestion: Dark Knight Revamp (Yes I know another one)

I doubt Squeenix is going to pay this any bit of attention, as I’m sure they have their own ideas floating around among the people who matter, but I figured I’d do this anyway. (More for myself if anything)

These are all personal suggestions, so if you disagree with any of them, that’s fine. But to me, Dark Knight feels like a tank job that was never fully developed. As if it were originally intended to be introduced in 2.0, but was shelved for 2 years. Then it’s time came, they took it, and simply threw it in for us. No dusting us off, no making sure all of our pieces were there, no making sure we actually worked, no making sure we actually fit in with the other jobs and did something to make us wanted for the others groups as a tank.

No offense to the developers, really, they made what is in my opinion a very fun job, I like it almost as much as I liked Warrior, and I’m sure I could like it more if things weren’t as they are right now. But dey be like it is, oh it do.

While Drk is a passable Tank as is, taking one does not come without a cost. They’re incredibly selfish tanks by design, and contribute absolutely nothing to the group when it matters. You can argue that Delirium is the oh so amazing thing they bring to the table, but that is instantly overwritten by a Monks better version. And lets be honest, if you need an Int down debuff, you’re better off getting a Monk for it, because their DPS is actually good, and it doesn’t come at a crippling cost to what utility the tanks themselves bring. You get more group DPS out of it, more group utility, you have the complete pack so long as you are not taking a Dark Knight, which is the problem. In a similar case to Delirium, Warriors bring a slashing resist debuff. An offensive buff for themselves, other tanks, and Ninjas. Sure, Nin’s can apply it too, but it’s overall better for the Nins DPS if they let the Warrior keep it up. Now it wouldn’t make any sense though to give Delirium a blunt resist down.

Anyway, onto the point. Yes, it’s yet ‘another’ suggestion thread, one I have been trying to put off until after the flood of similar threads was over. And while some of those threads brought up good points and suggestions, personally I couldn’t agree with the majority of them. Many of them simply missed the point entirely.

ALL numbers and suggestions can be changed, this is just some raw ideas thrown down all in 1 spot. If you take them all and throw them in 1 place, obviously it’s going to look probably overpowered as hell. The purpose however isn’t to take every suggestion here and throw them in. Pick and choose, pair things up, whatever, it’s just a bulk of ideas thrown down as ways to improve the job, and will hopefully help put some dark ideas into Squeenix’s mind. Dark ones. The kinda ideas that are so dark you’d almost expect them to be for a Dark Knight.

Things commented out with ‘//’ are things I’m not entirely sure myself about, but still thought it worth putting down.

So now with all of that explained; moving on, again.

Starting off with what I feel they need. I’ll go ahead and even throw some names and fluff descriptions in while I’m at it, just for my own thought and to try to create an image for people.


A REAL DPS Stance. No, Darkside is not a DPS stance. It’s our Maim/FoF
Become a vessel of the Abyss, channeling it’s darkness through your every move. When under the effects of Vanquish, all abilities that would normally cost TP now cost MP, and TP will not regenerate.
Cannot be used with Grit.
Additional Effect: MP costs for preexisting MP abilities are reduced by 50%.
Additional Effect: Darkside no longer consumes MP
//Additional Effect?: Total MP pool is increased by 20%?”

Guarantees a parry on the next 2 incoming attacks. The second parry is at 50% of the parry strength of the first. Each parry immediately triggers a 100? potency counter attack.
//Vanquish Effect: Restores MP equivalent to the amount of damage each counter did.
//Grit Effect: Restores TP equivalent to the amount of damage each counter did.
30? Second Cooldown.

Soul Devour
After a short cast, pull a lost soul from the depths of the abyss and absorb it, restoring your HP. Cure Potency: 1200.
60 Second cooldown.
(They ALL have one except Dark Knight, that’s not exactly cool yo. You can argue that it’s because Souleater restores 100% constant, but at current HP possibilities, that is not a lot. Perhaps if you’re building full damage and Dark Arts the souleater it’ll have a nice HP return, but outside of that it’s small enough to not matter. Large burst self heals are what matter the most in self healing)


Fortified Wall
Shortens Shadow Wall recast time to 120 seconds.
//Shadow Wall now does “???” (Don’t know yet, was thinking something similar to vengeance, but more DRK like. Don’t know if it’s even needed. Perhaps add a Dread Spikes like effect.)

//Shadow Parry
//Shadow Parrying is the practice of using your own dark energy to nullify the impact of magic before it hits, allowing you to parry magic in a 360 degree radius.
//Scales off of the Parry stat.
//Requires you to be under the effect of Grit.

//Dark Link
//Sole Survivor now tethers the Dark Knight to it’s target with a dark tether, sapping the life away from it with a potency of 100 every 3 seconds, and returning the damage done as HP and MP to the Dark Knight. If the target is killed before the duration of Sole Survivor expires, the recast time of Sole Survivor is reduced by 30 seconds.
Dark Arts Effect: The tether can be intercepted from the Dark Knights side by a party member, giving them the restoration effect.
Does NOT cause fixation.

//Scourge Of The Earth
//Salted Earth causes the effect of Scourge to spread amongst other targets within it’s radius, at a 50% reduced potency.
//Glimpse Of Darkness
//Teammates standing within the effects of Salted Earth gain a shadowy cloak that reduces damage received by 10%. This does not apply to the Dark Knight him/herself.
//Dark Prison
//Targets within the effect of Salted Earth deal reduced damage by 10%. For every extra enemy added, it’s effect is reduced by 1% to a minimum of 5% per enemy.
Adjustments to what they already have.


MP cost to enable is reduced by 75% (332 MP @ Lv.60)
Cannot be used with Vanquish.
//While under the effects of Grit, you are now capable of Shadow Parrying.

Living Dead
HP restoration requirement to nullify Walking Dead’s instant kill reduced to 50% of the Dark Knights total HP.
Walking Dead is given it’s own visual effect to better alert others that you are now undead for 10 seconds. See post here: SPOILER ALURRRT…36#post3077436

Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor can now be used on teammates, as well as enemies. (Cause why not, it adds a really interesting way of using it)
//Sole Survivor now increases damage done to the enemy by 5%. (Don’t know, it would make it worth using on bosses just for that effect, but I feel like we already have a lot of bonus damage effects from other classes already)
//Sole Survivor now replenishes 20% of your total HP/MP upon expiration whether the target dies or not.
//Additional Effect: Sole Survivor now enables the Dark Link Trait.

Dark Dance
Parry rate increased from 30% to 60%.
Dark Arts 20% evasion stays, it’s nice for dungeons. (L2 not blood price with dark arts)

Carve & Spit
Recast time reduced to 40 seconds.
MP restored and base potency increased.
Make it hit ‘Threefold’ like it says it does.

//Parry requirement to Reprisal removed?
Window of use after a successful Parry has been lengthened by a lot. Like really a lot.

Blood Weapon
Can now be used under the effect of Grit.

Dark Mind
Extra Dark Arts Effect: Applies ‘Linked Mind’ to all party members, reducing magic damage taken by 10%. Lasts 15 seconds.


Hasty Reprisal
Shortens the recast time of Reprisal to 30 seconds.
On successful Parry, active recast time reduced by 3 seconds.
//While under the effect of Vanquish, parry requirement to use Reprisal is converted to an MP requirement?

//Low Blows
//Low Blows can now proc off of shadow parrying.


For a heavy weapon class, they feel way, way too floaty. For example use Scourge on a dummy. You feel the impact behind each swing, the momentum behind the swing slicing through through that dummy. Then use Delirium. It feels almost like you’re floating in comparison. I understand Drk uses a sword, thus it’s suppose to be more ‘cut’ instead of ‘smash’ like a Warrior with an Axe, but it really feels as though we’re just swinging around a small Paladin sword. There is too much arm strength put behind certain animations, and not enough swing speed and momentum. At the very least, do something that gives each hit the actual feeling of slicing something up with a giant claymore.

And please, ppplleeeeaaassseeeeeee can we have our black flames back?


Now I probably didn’t touch everything, and probably touched some things that some people don’t quite think needed to be touched, but I touched what I could, and I touched it good. Also I like Delirium, but I have no idea what to do for it. Nothing comes to mind really. I guess as it is it’s ok if the group you’re in doesn’t have a Monk.

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