Stop freeing them

Week after week, I see WC groups with maybe 1 or 2 people who are new (achievement after the clear), yet those same groups end up with 5+ players getting assimilated on Ozma, and stepping into 5+ garrote traps on hair lady.

Stop freeing them. It’s the only way they’re going to learn that they can, and are supposed to, avoid those mechanics. I can’t think of any other reason why a player, doing the same fights over and over again, can’t figure out how the mechanics work, unless they have a misunderstanding of how they work.

They won’t learn if you free them. It’s their expectation that they can mess up the mechanic, and the rest of group will drop everything and come fix their mistake. If gaols and traps were instant death mechanics, everybody would have them down perfectly by now. Ultimately, if there is no consequence for failure, then there is no learning.


You get sucked into these traps if someone near you steps into them. Overall your idea is absolutly against every normal thinking because these mechanics are that way that you can HELP your group members. But yeah its ok don’t get people out of that stuff (if its their fault to end up in it or not) and i hope no one will help you if you do a mistake and i bet it happens often enough, because only these toxic players blame others for mechanical mistakes and demand to let these players die.

If players don’t make that mistake, then nobody suffers for it. That’s the point. My idea is congruent with any reasonable line of thinking. Is Ozma casting Assimilation? Then I should face away and avoid it. Did I mess up avoiding it? Then I can still face away from him and the debuff will drop off. It’s asinine to think “I messed on Assimilation, I’d better completely ignore it and just let my group cover for my mistake when they bail me out of a gaol”.

Let’s move onto the hair traps. The reasonable line of thinking is “there’s a big yellow AoE marker that I should avoid; now it’s left a purple circle that I should also avoid; I’d better not step on it or near it”. It’s asinine to think “oh, a big yellow AoE marker, I’ll just stand in it; oh now it’s a big purple circle I should avoid, but I’ll stand here or walk through it; oh, now I’m caught in a trap; oh well, my group can just cover for my mistake”.

Each of these mechanics is telegraphed for several seconds before the trap occurs. People don’t avoid them because they feel that they don’t have to, and that the rest of group can just fix it for them. “Learn to play a little better” isn’t an elitist statement, nor some symptom of a superiority complex; it’s what players should be doing.

I mean you could let them sit in the traps and stuff…or you could attempt to explain to the players what they’re doing wrong (it should be pretty apparent which players don’t know what they’re doing very quickly after all).

I know not everyone will be receptive to being helped (even if you phrase it helpfully instead of arrogantly), but the only way you’re going to cut down on the number of people failing mechanics is to try and help them recognise what they’re supposed to be doing about it. It can’t hurt to try right?

I know I certainly would have appreciated it if people took the time to explain what I was supposed to be looking out for when I attempted to go through WC on my first go. We didn’t complete it because people kept messing up Ozma mechanics. Including the people that were moaning about me making mistakes because they preferred to do that than explain what I was doing wrong.

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