Steam pre-reg codes not ffxiv cross-compatable with Windows version registration

This is one part info, one part “SE, this is silly, you should change this.”

I bought the boxed Windows version of FFXIV 1.0, since there was no Steam version. Hence, when I registered my code, it determined that I was playing that way.

I later played on PS3 and later through Steam when I got back into the game. While yes, I could’ve just downloaded the ARR client for free, I got it on Steam because I figured it’d be best for expansions so they auto-update the game.


While yes, it will download the expansion properly, what they don’t tell you is that if you used a non-Steam code attached to a Windows registration, you have to continue not using the Steam version.

To summarize, despite the fact that I ordered it through Steam, where I have a legit copy of the game through Steam, I still have to go and buy another copy so I can register AND keep it on Steam if I need it for whatever reason. Not to mention that I’m also getting the PS3 copy just to keep that updated in the event my computer dies, so that makes three copies of the game I have to buy. Not cool, man.

I gave leniency to SE when they announced that you would need to use PS3 codes with PS3 codes, and PS4 codes with PS4 codes, but I draw the line at the lack of Steam codes being cross-compatibile for Windows codes.

This is just…frustrating. SE, come on, really?

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