Static for 3.4 FFXIV Patch Progression


Endgame progression and clearing in a steady yet efficient manner.

What is expected from members:

Members must be in agreement and make sure they can attend scheduled raid times. Part of meeting the group’s goal is making the most out of each session, so attendance is highly important. Should any change in plans occur, members are expected to notify the raid well in advance so arrangements can be made before raid time. Habitual offenders will risk being replaced.

Members are expected to behave in a civil manner. There is zero-tolerance for behavior that may be seen as harmful to moral, whether it be directed to persons in particular or a group. Any disputes that arise should either be discussed in private or concerns forwarded to the raid leader.

Members should be willing to not only improve themselves, but also assist and motivate fellow members to improve the overall performance of the team. This means being proactive and willing to contribute, rather than simply appearing for raid and never letting the team know if there is a mechanic that should be noted or that you cannot clear. The ability to communicate is highly important and members are encouraged to communicate as much as possible.

A core philosophy of this group is learning through repetition. As far as raid progression is concerned, learning through actual raid experience is preferred to reading guides and expecting members to understand mechanics before actual practice (you ARE, however, encouraged and expected to read guides that will help master your Job performance). That said, wiping and failure is inevitable, repetitive, part of the learning process, and an important aspect of the group’s ability to advance. However, mistakes and weaknesses should be pointed out and discussed and progression made per raid session.

-Minimum gear ilvl 235
-Experience at least in A5S
-Availability at times mentioned and minimum time dedicated to raiding
-Discord for voice communication (you do not have to speak, but will need it for verbal directions)
-Not required, but will help having a secondary class with appropriate ilvl

Please note, this is not a hardcore or world-first progression static. Members are not required to be absolutely at the top percentile of their roles. What is important is having the people with the right attitude and willingness to learn, which is secondary to skill level.

Raid Schedule
Schedule will be worked out between all members, but a few things will be definite:

-Raid times will be between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM (GMT+10)
-Minimum of 3 nights a week (additional nights open to discussion)
-Minimum of 9 hours a week (additional hours open to discussion)

Current Slots:
At the moment seven slots are open for all roles. If you cannot dedicate the nights/hours per week, you are welcome to apply as a substitute so long as your availability is within the hours mentioned. Substitutes are also members, but are on-call and the first people to replace members who are not available. Trials may or may not be conducted-please look forward to it!

If interested, please reply here with the following info:

-Class/es and iLVL
-Raid Experience
-The times and days you are available
-Please list all available cross-class skills you plan to use for your classes

You can PM or reply here, or contact Gryphon Fyre in-game. First raid is planned for next week (October). If we’re lacking members, we will PUG for missing slots. Thank you!

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