Square not banning someone who uses RMT

Something that really bothers me during the last weeks is that apparently Square looks like to not ban someone i have reported for using RMT. I know that person since a longer time (Not being friends) and i know that person is using RMT to get an unfair advantage over other player. I have screenshots wich prove that i am right because he made the mistake to say hes using it in chat so i made some screenshots of it. Anyway i did report him around 5 times now during the last weeks and what? Nothing happens at all. I mean Square is that for real? How much more prove do you want to ban someone whos using it? This whole thing makes me really sad because it gives me as legit players the feeling that Square doesnt really give a damn about it. Especially since in terms of RMT, the customer service doesnt reply to you so i dont really know where i stay at the moment.

Pretty sure as long as he is a paying customer, SE is going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

SE, since it is a big corporation, probably has a ton of protocol fluff for this kind of stuff. I bet it goes something like:

-You report the player. Did he say he bought gil? Yes.
-A GM reviews the case. Can they prove he bought gil, or was he just trying to brag? Undetermined.
-A GM begins an investigation;
-Did he have any suspicious transactions? Undetermined.
-Did he associate with an account that SE knows for sure sells gil? Undetermined.
-Can they even research the player he had a transaction with, or does that player now no longer exist?
-If he does exist, does he have a track record of supplying RMT?

These are all things that SE does, I am willing to bet. If anyone has ever had a corporate job in any capacity, you know there are tons of needless hoops for everything. You saw someone steal in a store? Well, corporate policy says you can’t even imply or accuse them of theft. So you watch them steal and leave and you had no power to do anything about it. You saw someone sabotage their own meal in a restaurant? Well, corporate policy says you can’t do anything about that so give them the free meal they want and pretend you didn’t just see them scam you.

SE is making money off of cheaters and fair players alike. So, while it works out great for the regular player (who is essentially immune to being framed for cheating via RMT due to the thorough checks), for those who actually cheat, they can get away with it for some time. They are a paying customer, and no corporation is going to cut off their customers (read: income) unless they have numerical, objective data that that person is ruining their livelihood, product, or turning others away via their actions. Anybody can foolishly proclaim that they buy RMT gil, but SE has to have some sort of check in place to show the truth of the matter, and like most companies, it is probably so overly thorough that in the long run it doesn’t even work as it is intended.

Just ignore that guy and pretend he doesn’t exist, continue on playing how you wish to play, and hope he gets his just desserts.

Well if you don’t want to blacklist him, that’s fine. I didn’t say change anything you do other than ignore that this guy exists. As I explained in length, from SE’s perspective, you are both paying and putting money in SE’s pockets to play the game, and regardless of if he says he buys gil or not, SE is not going to rush to cut him off and cut off part of their income unless they find some way to absolutely prove (by their standards) that he is actually doing what he claimed to do. There is nothing we as players can do to help you, especially if you refuse to do anything differently from how you play right now, so I’m not entirely sure what kind of answer you’re looking to get. You’re both paying customers to SE and they’d take just as long to investigate you if you said you bought gil, even though you didn’t.

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