Some probably last-minute feedback on Palace of the Dead

I suspect the plans are already drawn out for floors 51-100, mobs, traps, rewards and such. However, after finally finishing an on-and-off solo run, I’d really like to make some suggestions that I can only hope will make for a different experience on the next 50 floors.
To me, Palace of the Dead doesn’t make sense as a name. At this point it’s more Palace of the “A landmine has been triggered…”. I’d love to see less RNG-based traps and more interactive traps. Things like floor spikes and flamethrowers and arrow traps. More classic dungeon-delving traps. Maybe even implement the same floor trap concept but make them triggers instead. As it is, running over the 8000th landmine as you go to pull a mob is more obnoxious than threatening.

I was mildly curious about the Accursed Hoard, until the 3.45 stuff was removed and we were left with: magicked prisms, glamour, minions, materia, and the hairstyle. These things seemed more fitting as Aquapolis rewards. Given that these things are locked with such a dangerous seal that we have to get a bishop to break it, I’m baffled that someone would go to such trouble over SWIMWEAR. What about green dungeon gear, tiered by the floor dig it up on? Or maybe an item that augments your Palace weapon and/or armor? I can’t think of any other ideas, but things that would be more useful as Accursed Hoard prizes would be nice.

What other feedback could be added? I know since Palace came out it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. To me the first 50 floors were a good start to an interesting experience, but I’m afraid that making the next 50 floors more of the same “but harder” would be a missed opportunity to make some interesting additions to one of my favorite content additions.

I would like to stress that while this content may not be everyone’s cup of tea, please try to offer feedback that explains WHY or WHAT you like/dislike about it or would like to see added. I might be crazy, but I’d love for a community team member to pass some ideas along to the dev team.

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