Some point Garlemald will get a bit of the Ishgard treatment in

I figured I’d make a thread to contain a lot of the speculation and discussion about 3.5 and 4.0 that’s inevitably been leaking into other threads simply due to the gradual trickle of information we’ve been getting about both since the Las Vegas Fan Fest combined with a lot of people’s hype, concerns and general enthusiasm.

I don’t necessarily mind the Zeno villain thing but I am a bit bummed Regula sounds like he is going to go out in a relatively minor role. I still hope we will see more moderate Garleans. They said that they will be comparing the Garleans to the Allag the Garleans try to emulate and while there was a lot wrong with the Allag, I don’t think they were entirely bad as a nation (apart from Miqote persecution the bastards!)

One thing I kind of hold out with is the idea that being loyal to the idea of the Garlean state and loyal to the imperial family don’t necessarily have to be the same thing. We know that Garlemald has conflicting internal factions and I expect us to end up going to Garlemald proper some day. When your talking about a faction like Garlemald, there aren’t that many threats big enough to make them reliable allies at the moment unless the Ascians switch tact completely and start operating openly or unless the threat to Garlemald is Garlemald itself.


My hope is at some point Garlemald will get a bit of the Ishgard treatment in that we have to deal with the elements that are a threat but we aren’t going to go there to throw the baby out with the bath water.

One day we’ll get our Larsa, I’m sure. At this point, wishing ill for the entire Empire is wishing for two continents to be thrown into upheaval. We and the Garleans share a common goal: the salvation of the world. It’s everything about how to achieve that goal that we disagree on. But the Empire has been heading down the same path as Allag, and are making some of the same mistakes. We need only purge certain factions and points of view to make peace with the Garleans … after a satisfying conflict, I hope. I mean, I’m lukewarm excited for our “Larsa”, and all, but what about our “Vayne”? I’ve been so focused on my high hopes for Elidibus as one of the apex antagonists that I’ve barely considered it!

I get the feeling that it’s going to be both. The Griffin has already been establishing that Ala Mhigo’s new viceroy is a brute compared even to Gaius van Baelsar, but at the same government views tend to vary much more than populous views. Most people just want stability and opportunities to thrive, and some people will surely be afraid that handing control of the nation over to a resistance that’s done nothing but fight and run for two decades (and ousted the King of Ruin at that) is a horrible idea, no matter how bad Zenos is. Sometimes the regime is all that needs to change. Sometimes attempting regime change does more harm that good. I can think of some real-world relevance…

Sounds like seven hells of risk! I mean, having a concrete definition of “Okay, this story is in THIS year, this story is in THIS year” will be a huge boon to certain aspects of the game experience (like not being asked what year it is every three to twelve days). And there are a ton of ways to do some really fun stuff with it.

On the other hand, the bubble was put in place for reasons. We can’t just go back in time when we teleport west of Ala Mhigo, so I assume time would move everywhere. That means we’ll have to maintain the timeline archives much better than we have been to ensure things don’t get crazy. Imagine if 4.0 starts and the Battle of Silvertear Skies was now 16 years ago? Eep!

Yeah, there’s definitely a contradiction at play regarding Xenos. I’m not sure how to read into the whole ‘nobody will sympathise with him’ statement because a character can do awful things and still have at least some redeeming qualities. Cersei Lannister is my favourite example for those familiar with Game of Thrones – a lot of people brush her off as ‘evil’ but fail to understand why she acts like she does. I do hope they’re not backing down on the more moderate angle of the conflict. Turning Garlemald into a one dimensional villain across the board after seeing the likes of Gaius and Regula would be very disappointing.

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