“Smooth as Silk, Cool as Air” Vanu Daily Problem

So after doing this quest multiple times and becoming frustrated with it at times when I pick the worst time to gather the Wamoura Cocoon from this particular spot.

I decided it may be something worth looking into for those that are leveling lvl 50-54 characters. The Wamouracampa in the image often faces the Wamoura Cocoon in question, and players who often are trying to get the quest done as quickly as possibly don’t realize that it will aggro and it becomes a bit of a problem for those leveling through to 54.

Yes I’m aware that you can run away from it, but it’s a hindrance in a quest that’s supposed to scale to your level and to have quests spots that won’t attract any aggro from the higher level mobs around you as you level your lower level classes. This is the only particular quest that I’ve noticed that you can aggro a mob when near the objective item.

Could we maybe have this Window Wamouracampa relocated to a safer spot? Or perhaps move the Wamoura Cocoon to around here?

You’ve done a marvelous job so far with giving us the ability to level alts via having these quests scale to our level and so far I haven’t found anything remotely similar to this in the Vath dailies. But please take into consideration this particular quest. Thanks!

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