Small PLD changes that may fix the class?


-Guards both physical and magical.
-Fixed block power at 20%.
Shelltron right now feels more useful as a super strong MP rejen skill than as a blocking skill since it only works against physical and physical cast bars are uncommon so timing it can be really tricky. With the Magical Guarding that would fulfill the point of the skill more accurately than it being what it is now imo.

-Any overhealed Hp on a Cover’d party member goes to the PLD covering them.
-60 Sec CD
-Cover takes in both physical and magical damage.
-Having Convalescence active while Cover results in full (or split) Hp healing for both players.
-All Buffs work and fully synergize with Cover if they don’t already. (If over powered, then increase the cooldown on Cover?)
I have Cover some love in a recent thread of mine but a lot of people managed to shed light on it’s many, many flaws. It got me to thinking how to remake the skill into being a really big main attraction and tool to the class, while strengthening the “Guardian Angel” theme to Paladins. It MIGHT be a little over powered but I really want this skill to be good and not just the cool gimmick it is now

In MMO’s I love being a Defense Hog and highly utility based and I don’t mind having low damage to be the tradeoff. Paladins currently are more Defensive than Offensive and balanced in that aspect, but their utility could use some work which is why I proposed these changes to Shelltron and Cover.

Paladins don’t have much of a unique system in here and is mostly just holding aggro and spamming buffs. I thought Shelltron’s carefully timed manual Guarding and Cover’s life-saving capabilities could be the main PLD attractions and spice to the class.

I’m no stranger to people hating on my ideas and opinions on the internet, so feel free to criticize. Just don’t be too mean =/

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