Skillchain Concept For XIV

SkillChain Reborn Concept Discussion

I would love to see the skillchain system be real time and accessible at all times. But certain properties of the current combat system might prevent this from happening.

I am asking for feedback here. I want the system to promote party synergy, prevent abuse, and make sure the cost of playing in synergy vastly outweighs ignoring it for those brief seconds. Secondly, I want you to help me come up with a visible and intuitive way that a player can easily communicate and read what skills to use to properly to execute skillchains and magic burst.

A pro for FFXI in comparison to all other mmorpgs with party synergy combos in it. FFXI was the only one where you could do most common weaponskills and spells to achieve it, it added complexity to the combat and a sense of comradery, and it added a fun aspect. A con was it was poorly balanced around light and dark being too powerful in comparison to the others and there was no visible and intuitive way to communicate and read execution other than text chat. Please help me flesh out an idea for the best party synergy system ever created.

Building The Ultimate SkillChain System
All modern MMO games have one serious weakness: every player in a party receives equal share of experience and gold regardless his impact into the fight. The reward system in all MMOs does not stimulate players to exert oneself. You can act well or not to act at all. Sometimes you can see a lazy player who just sneaks around and receives experience and gold or clears without even trying to participate in the group’s action. I see FFXIV changing the situation.

Introducing Proficiency
Proficiency is a special resource in FFXIV that gives you several valuable benefits. To accumulate it you must perform well in combat. You receive Proficiency for successful combos , successful blocking, interrupting, attacking, dodging the red, and other actions. It is an indicator of how good you are. Your proficiency build up from each fight depends on the amount of proficiency acquired during an encounter.

Proficiency rewards increase proportionally to the complexity of the fight and your proper actions during the fight. If you use your skills in time, and react quick you receive proficiency points. So you are interested in getting as many proficiency as you can because you can access the skillchain system more often.

Direct rewards are great but it is only one side of proficiency benefits. Proficiency points are earned through participating in combat but they also help you to defeat enemies quicker. Each class has its unique limit breaks allowing huge variety of special attacks, summons or other actions. They are powerful and can be recharged only by accumulating Proficiency. The more proficiency you receive the quicker you recharge your Proficiency meter which grants access to skillchains at the more common level and limit breaks on the higher scale.
How to earn more Proficiency points?
Master your class and try to react according to situation. Interrupt enemies, use synergy, use your defensive buffs at the right time, dodge the red and do all you can to maximize your efficiency.

Enchained System
I would love to see the skillchain system be real time and accessible at all times. But certain properties of the current combat system might prevent this from happening. The enchained system is a proposal I put forward if you think real time at all times would mess up the meta too much.

Gaining proficiency will fill up a secondary meter besides the Limit Break Bar called the Enchained Bar. Upon filling the Enchained bar the enemy is susceptible to skillchains and magic burst. Upon gaining enchained status and releasing/activating the bar. For 30 Seconds, all GCD and personal skill combinations are removed,TP/MP cost are increased by 20%, damage is increased by 20% for successive skillchains and magic burst for the duration for all party members who successfully use the Enchained system and skilchain and magic burst. The meta during the stagger sequence is party synergy and dynamics versus personal player glory like the Limit Break system or Character rotations.

I would personally prefer to see skillchains be real time and available at any time. If that is not possible then this Enchained System would allows sequences in short spurts outside the normal combat meta

The Skillchain Rules
Each user succeeding a user in the skillchain and magic burst timeline has 6 seconds to effectively skillchain or magic burst.
Any finisher skillchain can be executed by as many players that react to the initiated skillchain in time.
Any magic burst can be executed by as many players that react to the finisher skillchain in time.
Any weaponskill used that does not resonate with the initiated skillchain, the finisher skillchain that follows, or the magic burst that follows the finisher will neither proc increased potencies on the current skillchain or interrupt others chance to finish the current skillchain.
Successfully making group skillchains and burst can extend the default enchained timer by 5 seconds each successful skillchain and burst increasing the duration of enchained to an additional 30 seconds maximum.

How the Skillchain 2.0 System Works in Practice
Every weaponskill will have a resonating property(the initiator sequence) which will be color coded hotbars to indicate what chain is being started or what property is used upon activating a weaponskill
Certain weaponskills will combo with the initiator’s weaponskill, the second weaponskill in the chain is called the finisher.Which will be color coded hotbars to indicate what chain is being finished. An appropriate icon will pop up after a character initiates a skillchain for any players with weaponskills indicating what skills synergize with the initiated skillchain. The player who attempts a finisher skillchain has 6 seconds after the initiator skillchain has been activated to effectively skillchain.
If a mage is present certain spells will combo(magic burst) with a skillchain created by the initiator and finisher provided the elemental properties of the skillchain and magic burst align.The spell icons in a magic users hotbars will also be color coded to indicate what magic burst synergize with the skillchain built by the weapon skillers. An appropriate icon will pop up in the users field of view indicating what type of spells synergize with the finished skillchain. The player who attempts a magic burst has 6 seconds after the finisher skillchain has been activated to effectively burst.

The Visual Guide To How I propose Skillchains in game
1.These are the skillchain properties.
2.Every Skill available on your hotbar has a color code signifying the skillchain property it is aligned with.
3.You can see how each skillchain element has it’s own color signatures.

1.This how you start a skillchain with hotbar explanations called the Skillchain Initiator.
2.If you use a Brown Color Coded skill you would begin a Scission Skillchain.
3.Anyone following you in the skillchain timeline with a finisher would have to use a skill that resonates with the scission properties in that circumstance, in other words a skill the same color.

1.This is how you close a chain with icon explanations called the Skillchain Finisher.
2.When you see one of these Finisher Icons on screen you will have 6 seconds to execute a finisher in the appropriate attribute.
3.A Finisher Icon appears on screen following a skillchain initiator before it in the timeline.

1.This is how you Magic Burst off a skillchain with icon explanations.
2.When you see one of these Burst Icons on screen you will have 6 seconds to burst after the finisher skillchain executes.
3.Your magic burst must be aligned with the same skillchain properties as the initiator and finisher skillchain before it.
4.In other words, the spell must be color coded with the same color.

This is how a skillchain initiator looks in game.

This is how a skillchain finisher looks in game.

This is how a Magic Burst looks in game.

Also it has been awhile since I actively used the FFXI skillchain system so I may lack some knowledge about it. I purposely renamed one of the properties to Combustion in the level 1 chains because I thought it sounded cooler.

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