Silly duty roulette rant

okay i was in Halatali for my daily roulette today and, oh boy! Where do I start? XD

Okay so it was pretty obvious the party was pretty new to the game aside from myself (BLM) The tank kept getting hit by bombs and dying and the healer was still getting used to their role as healer, so was a bit slow on the draw with heals.

Over all we were making it through the dungeon pretty nicely considering. the other BLM in the group however, seemed to be of a different mind set. He/She(will go with HE since his toon was a male) would type “Bad!” “REALLY?!” “TANK BLOWS!” and so on, every time we hit a hitch. Now the tank made some mistakes but over all, he adjusted to them and pushed forward.

ffxiv BLM

The BLM wasn’t done though and soon started in on the healer and then after myself. He was complaining that the healer wasn’t healing him enough (was standing IN THE CLUSTER OF MOBS for the majority of the trash pulls.) and he also said that I wasn’t playing my job right, because I wasn’t using flare. XD Mind you, that ability isn’t even available to use in that dungeon. ALSO this BLM was spamming blizzard and Blizzard 2 the ENTIRE time we were in the dungeon. I don’t think I saw him use a single fire. I told him both these facts and he went silent for a bit.

We got to the first boss and I was the only one in the group that bothered to address the flames heading to the middle of the room. The fight lasted a bit longer than it should have because I was wasn’t trying to control those while the other DPS was spamming blizzard the whole time. I got to the point where I just got fed up and focused on just burning the boss down. Thankfully it worked with only the other BLM dying in the end. XD

He was, of course very upset that he died and blamed me for not dpsing enough and the healer for not healing enough. It was at this point that the healer left the group and then the BLM focus ALL of his aggression on me. “You are lvl 60 and should be doing WAY MORE DPS than this! I have been playing for two weeks and am WAY better that you. You are BAD and should go home and play barbie since you only care about how your character looks!” yada yada. At this point the tank had enough as well and said sorry to me and left. Of course I left after as I wasn’t about to wait for other party members with this BLM.

At the end of the day everyone’s time was wasted and two newer players in our community got what is likely one of the worst examples of what they will deal with regarding player etiquette in this game. XD It isn’t all bad though. I was left with an amusing story. 😛 Not really a rant now that I think about it. XD

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