[Shiva] [Static] [LFM] 3.4 progression

Static Sucuk LFM <Shiva> (GER/ENG)

Our newly formed Static Sucuk is looking for new members for 3.4.
We all know each other from previous Statics or from doing stuff together on the same Server and we finally decided to set up a new Static that suits our taste. We want to be a flexible and efficient Static without many fixed raid days. Of course we will have fixed days too but you should be flexible with your times

What are we looking for:
MNK/DRG (preferred DRG)
BRD/MCH (preferred MCH)

What we expect of you:
wipe resistance
understanding of your class/skills
ability to take criticism
able to raid more than 3 hours (weekends)

We offer:
flexible raid times
progress oriented raiding
relaxed and chill environment
fair loot distribution

For more infos contact Nayu Shara or me ingame or PM me.

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