Server sided or just the fault of the FFXIV Clock website

Hello, after reformatting my computer I’ve been having an issue with the Eorzea Time in regards to the Unspoiled Gathering Points. I’ve been using FFXIV Clock to track my gathering nodes and am fully aware that it is not an official website; however, the times have been off.

I’m not exactly sure if my clock is behind or if the website has not be synced properly, but I noticed that if my Gathering Point Spawns at 12:00 AM Eorzean Time, it is actually up at 9:00 PM Eorzean Time.

Not quite sure if its client sided, server sided or just the fault of the FFXIV Clock website, but I’d thought I’d share this here in hopes some answer pops up.

Eozrean Time: 12:13 AM
Local Time: 4:30 PM (not that this matters)
Node: Mining Cluster Node @ Mor Dhona – Active at 12:00 AM.

Additional Information: Truth of Mountains and Truth of Forest are up and no nodes are found at this time.

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