Request : In Stormblood, allow us to gear without tomestones

Many threads have popped these last weeks where people complained about the boring aspect of tome farming. Personally, I’m one of those…

So, what if Stormblood could grant you gear throughout your full progression without ever needing tomestones ?

Nowadays, dungeon gear has pretty much no impact at all when it comes to accessing content. If you wanted to access Gordias in 3.0, you needed almost a full set of upgraded Law. In 3.1, Arboretum and Sirius dropped i185 gear, so this time, you wouldn’t need tome gear to enter Void Ark.
3.2, i195 drops from dungeons, i200 requirement for Midas…and since VA does not drop accessories, you’re back to a bit of tome gear again, and so on and so forth…

What could be interesting in Stormblood is to lessen the ilvl gap between tomes and dungeon gear to cater to two types of players at the same time. You don’t mind doing the same roulette over and over for a 100% reward ? Tome gear is for you.

You like going into a specific instance to gain one particular piece of gear at random ? Dungeons are the way to go.

Everybody wins.
For the record, I’d split the drops between the two dungeons so that you’d have t do both if you want the full set whatever your job is.

What do you think ?

EDIT : Since some people seems to have trouble grasping exactly what tome gear I refer too, I’ll clarify it here. The idea is that EX dungeons would drop gear the same ilvl as uncapped tome gear. i.e Neverreap/Fractal would have dropped i170, Antitower/City, i200, Xelphatol/Gubal, i230. The goal is not to easily gain more powerful items, but just having another way of unlocking normal raid (So, i170 for Gordias, 200 for Midas, etc…), without having to farm tomestones, which can be boring. And, of course, the tome system would remain, so that you’re not forced to rely on RNG drop. I don’t really know where to put odd-patches EX dungeons, though…

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