Raiding loot suggestion – Unrestricted Pages

The current state of raiding is that new content is expected to be cleared by world first groups in about 2-3 weeks. Progression groups are varying levels slower and clear and farm over the months until the next set of raids are released. To get armor from pages takes 6 to 8 pages which means 6 to 8 weeks of clears for one piece. Over those 6-8 weeks, you see 12-16 armor drops from chests and sometimes you get what you need from chests and have little to no use for pages. I have 17 A3S pages, what am I supposed to do with them? Also, once you complete the area for the week, most progression groups spend the rest of the week just hammering away at the next level, which can get very frustrating if you need the gear for progression.

So my suggestion is to keep the chests and chest restrictions as they are now, but give pages each clear. This way raid groups have two options, either work on progression in the new area or clear already cleared areas again for pages and more loot to help with progression. If not completely unrestricted, how about a daily reset so you can only get one page per day.

Here are some advantages to unrestricting pages or doing a daily lockout on pages. It would give us more incentive to raid more days (i.e. be more active in game) a week and to help other people clear. There would be more activity in party finder on the days people aren’t with their statics giving the people without statics the chance to join a skilled group and clear. It’s also more interesting for raiders who are stuck on one area. Rather than banging your head against a wall, you can go back for more gear and practice then make more attempts.

Some objections may be people gearing up and being finished with content too quickly. But if page drops are on a daily lockout, that’s only one piece of gear per week from pages if you do it 6/7 days a week, so really, not that much. Another objection may be people selling clears. But again, if there is more incentive for raiders to clear outside statics, there are more opportunities to get pages without having to pay for a clear. With or without the change, selling won’t go away.

So overall I think this is a good way to increase the raid quality of life without nerfing content and providing raiders with more content to do than just clear the previously cleared areas and spend the rest of the week banging your head against the next wall. All while encouraging a healthier raid party finder by motivating skilled (cleared) players to participate.

If they limit it to one book a day, then it would take you 2-4 weeks to get one drop at 2-4 days a week. Not only that, but doing the prior raids will also give tomes so spending your raiding time going back would actually ease the burden on raiders. World first groups are clearing in less than 3 weeks, and Yoshida already said that was as they had expected. Right now we’re time gated where we get our clears on Tuesday and spend the rest of our time banging our heads against a wall trying to get the next level with no other progression path.

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