Rage over Sophia

Wow, this boss got me in a bad head space. I just need a space to rant and rave and carry on, keeping profanity and caps lock usage to a minimum, so…here we go.

What kind of sadist in Square Enix came up with this?! This is the most god awfully hard boss encounter I have ever seen! Tank busters DESTROY you instantly, though, a polite mentor instructed me that I have to pop TWO CDs just to survive it….insanity… I mean, I have no idea what was wrong with me tonight but I couldn’t even acquire threat on the demiurges OR SOPHIA when said helpful mentor tried to get me to try my hand at main tanking. Somewhere along the line I forgot how to do this? I’ve been tanking since Burning Crusade! This should be second nature by now! WHAT HAS THIS BOSS DONE TO ME!?

I remember when I used to play this game for fun. Now it feels like a form of some kind of punishment that they inflict on people down in Guantanamo bay. “You’ll tell us where your base is, or we’ll stick you in another Sophia Ex group, worm!” I’d gladly swap over to do something, anything else, but that Sophic Blade for DRK looks REALLY cool, and I see people running around all the time with Sophic weapons, so I assume it must be SOMEHOW possible. And everytime I see this, it fills me with a jealous rage. Are there FCs that relax by punching out cthulu and looting his corpse, or am I just having seriously bad luck with the raid finder?

And no… I don’t think I need assistance with understanding the overall fight. I know what I’m SUPPOSED to do with Thunders and Aeros, the clones, the add phase… the scale tipping part I’m a little fuzzy on… and the stacking light and dark circles is simple enough. I even understand the tank buster phase, but for some reason, it just won’t click. I’m up to my 9th wipe and third group attempting this. So, if you must post on my live journal whining… please help my state of mind about this. Post something funny or ragey.

You people scare me. If this is what you call laughably simple, I think I might unsub and quit gaming for life if you showed me what you considered difficult. I mean, this is the first extreme trial that I’ve attempted, so maybe that factors into it?

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