Questions Regarding Parrying

As a MCH, I have high dexterity, and as such a relatively high parry rate as is. As such, I’m wondering as to the actual effectiveness of said secondary stat, since with MCH in particular, the only true defensive ability we have is Keen Flurry cross classed from Lancer. So, here are my questions compiled regarding it so that I can better understand it….

1) Does anyone have true formulas regarding the rate at which points in DEX translate to Parry percentage, and the actual effect that STR has in reducing the damage from parrying. The closest number I can find for anything is that Parry Rate = DEX*.077, though this is from an old Reddit post, so things may well have changed since then, and in particular with 3.0 since the notes state that “Certain attributes no longer affect parry or block.” but doesn’t say which ones.

2) What types of attacks does parry work on? Is it purely single target melee physical attacks? Does it have a chance of parrying normal AoEs? Does it have any benefit against magic based attacks, (unlikely but necessary to ask)? What about undodgeable AoEs that aren’t instant wipes? The reports I’ve read from what research I’ve done are pretty inconclusive, so I’d like for a reliable yes or no in regards to this.

3) Do you have to be facing the attack to parry? An unlikely one, but one that would make sense in a way, and is not entirely without precedent as the existence of positionals and attacks that can be blocked by turning the other way indicate that player location in relation to the enemy is taken into account in certain situations.

Part of the reason I’m asking is that as Keen Flurry is the only real defensive skill I have, I want to know as much I can about how to utilize it properly, or even if it’s worth keeping as a cross class skill, (I have it as my fifth skill until I can level Archer to 26 and get Hawk’s Eye. At that point, I’m either dropping that or Feint). I don’t min-max like some people do, but I still prefer to know all the details of what I have to work with so that I can utilize them more effectively if the situation requires it…..

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