PVP Thoughts and Suggestions!

Well, im a big fan of pvp and me and many other pvpers queue alot but end up with hours of queues, tbh 10 minutes Is unrealistic, the reason we have these queues is not enough incentives to attract the casuals, pve, rpers to run it. Another reason is the 3 modes we have for fronlines are very alike, no rotating maps each mode, i and few old ls members agreed. Modes tend to be very identical. Seal,slaughter are secure dead, feast now starting to slow the heck down as the pattern is usually! Many pvpers i talk to (even casuals) think just few new modes here and there added like Capture The Flag or Team Death Match of pure chaotic war, extended time, more seal reward! for a expansion i think openworld pvp map would be epic,ect…. Gear its kinda worthless and its the reason many pvpers cutback and pve peeps rarely queue, so like elder scrolls online i think if your gonna give us pvp make the gear epic (Top Gear In Game) states and looks, not look ok and stats be garbage, so make pvp gear mean alot more. Give us more i mean alot more rewards for pvping and dedicating out time to pvp make it so attractive to casuals, Hardcore pve peeps and the funny rpers. As in eso good gear is obtained by pvp too! Also i think a mini story or PVP ONLY Relic set would be awesome and attract alot of peeps and new players. I think a custom-made, glow style would appeal to alot, (Important) Please add more skills to pvp too lut us make our own builds, maybe pve too tbh. Last request but demand please fix queues. I will post more as we discuss and rage over dead pvp. Dealt with the horrible queues for almost 2 years plus!

I know fun is subjective and all, but…all those people who played the feast back when it first came out, when there were insta-queues for both 4vs4 and 8vs8 ultimately quit because it wasn’t fun to them. If these people had enjoyed it, they would still queue frequently (though admittedly not quite as frequently) and not just grab their rewards and run away as fast as they can. Unlike dungeons, PvP has a high innate replayability, because no game is exactly the same – part of the reason why DotA could become a raging success with only a single map and no rewards whatsoever during the WC3 days.

I’m honestly amazed that people still think this can just easily be fixed with rewards. If people only queue for rewards, they are gone the moment they get them and they won’t even bother in the first place if the reward seems out of reach (Hey there, rewards for the top 100!). And that’s assuming the reward is exclusive, if it it’s not, people might rather get it another way instead.

IMO, PvP core gameplay needs to change for it to become and stay somewhat popular. How? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure: The current gameplay does not appeal to a great many players and that’s why all of SEs attempts to enliven it are short-lived.

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