Put this into context of the 3.0 Main Scenario Quest

1.Odin freed himself from his imprisonment by cutting his own way out and has been wandering around Gridania.

2.Many adventurers have come across and defeated the elder primal in combat, but he keeps coming back for some unknown (to the idiot NPC’s) reason.

3.He has no known worshipers.

4.His history and origins are widely unknown. Though, there are some murky references to being an ancient warrior from a bygone era that killed some lady named Urth and a ton of her followers before being defeated himself by an allagan warrior and sealed in Urth’s fount.

5.After the Dark Divinity Trial (this is where those teeny tiny spoilers creep in) it is determined that Odin’s sword remains after every defeat, and it is theorized that Odin’s essence remains in the blade. His body is pure aether (maybe, I’ll get to that) and dissipates upon defeat, but his sword remains, so he never truly dies. He just bides his time until he can rebuild a body… or possess one.

The Theory of Odin (a few more spoilers, if you haven’t completed MSQ):

It is a fact that the FATE incarnation of Odin take the form (and adopts a subname) of the person who lands the killing blow on him after each defeat, and the Dark Divinity quest ends with a solider stealing Odin’s sword and disappearing. I think it’s safe to assume that they are implying that Odin simply possesses the bodies of those who come into contact with his sword and fashions their bodies into one that suits him. The reason he has yet to attain power that matches his reputation is likely because he’s borrowing inferior bodies for possession.

During the Odin FATE, Odin can be heard saying “Here I stand – A God amongst man. Yet, here I remain – a mere man amongst Gods.” Put this into context of the 3.0 MSQ, which, spoilers, deals with mere men attaining the status of Gods. A certain king attains such a divine power that he is actually capable of slaying an Ascion. Further, after we defeat this king, a certain villain makes comments about how we have become too powerful and that “our powers are encroaching on the realm of Gods (Paraphrasing a bit).”

It is conceivable that Odin is, or was at one time, no different from the warriors of light. He was an insanely powerful warrior who fought opponents so strong that he eventually attained a strength to match the Gods, raising himself to such powers that, upon reaching his end, he gained the ability to separate his soul from his body and impart it into his sword. He transcends the flesh and attains Godhood.

The question is, did he attain this power alone, or was he taught this skill? After all, housing a soul in an object is not so different from what the Ascions or lucavi (for those of you who played tactics) did and do.

Further, there is the mystery of Odin’s motivation. He comments during the FATE that he is still searching for Urth. This is strange as it is said that he already killed Urth and all of her followers…So why continue the search? This killing is implied to be the basis for Odin’s sinister reputation, but if he hasn’t actually killed her, then what gives, and who was this allagan warrior who sealed Odin in Urth’s fount?

I have read the dialogue, and spoken to that little spawn about it during the extreme Rav and Bis trials (you can ask him to elaborate after the initial conversation); however, he never once offers a different definition for the terms “Eikon” and “Primal.”They both mean, simply, “God like beings.” If anything, it only seems to imply that “Eikon” is the term that the Allagan and Garlean Empires use to refer to Primals. Keep in mind that, in past dialogue of the 2.0 MSQ, Gaius Van Baelsar refers to all of the Primals in Eorzea as “Eikons,”on a couple of occasions. It has only been in recent dialogue in which the Eikons are referred to as a stronger class of primal. So, if anything, we can stretch that term only so far as to extend to Elder Primals, including Bahamut, Odin, Alexander, and (if we’re lucky), future primals such as Ark or Ozma.

I have, however, found it extremely odd that Odin is referred to as an elder primal and eikon in the dialogue of the game, yet has no independent Raid and a relatively weak Trial. The lore about him constantly trying to find Urth is the only explanation for why he has no raid, but it’s a poor one, in my opinion. He should have a raid, or, at the absolute least, a Savage level Trial.

He is certainly unique among elder primals though, not only from a game mechanic perspective. Unlike Bahamut and Alexander, he has no followers who worship him. His sword seems to act as his medium and temper/possess those who come into contact with it, but the only other primal who uses a human body as a medium is Shiva, and she is not an elder primal. Nor does she completely possess and destroy the will of her host as Odin does, or seems to.

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