PS3 to PS4 ‘No Valid Service Account


Decided to upgrade from PS3 to PS4 by pre-ordering the complete FFXIV Collection that includes Heavensward from the PSN Store
Client boots up and log in
Get the ‘no valid service account’ error.
My PSN is already linked to my Square account and have an active suscription (last billing was May 17th for 30 days).

After months of playing FFXIV on the PS3, I got myself a PS4 to buy the complete Final Fantasy XIV Collection which included the Heavensward DLC. After purchasing the game from the PSN Store (alongside PS+), I left the client to download overnight. After downloading, I launched the client and waited for it to finish updating. At the main screen, I have only one option which is logging in to my Square Enix account. I put in all the credentials and I’m taken to the ‘no valid service account’ error screen.

The options it gives me is to reload the client and confirm the status of my service account but no such option appears. It also tells me it could be that my free trial period is over, however I have an active suscription (last billing was May 17th for 30 days). It also tells me to purchase a digital license or enter the registration code if I had a retail copy. Again, I bought this off the PSN store so the digital license comes with itself? Just to make sure, I checked my puchase receipt in my email but there wasn’t any code or mention of a license.

I checked back at MogStation to see if anything could lead me in the right direction. I tried the Add a PS4 license option but it told me yet again that I needed the digital copy or redeem the registration code from the physical one. It also told me that after registering and installing the client, all I had to do was follow the on-screen instructions.

I’m at a loss as to what I’m supposed to do. I just want to play the base game while I eagerly wait for Heavensward’s release date but it seems i’ll have to stick with my PS3 version until then? I logged into the game from there and everything seems fine. I’ve tried googling this error but all the results are from the free upgrade campaign that happened months back.

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