Proposing ilevel Sync for Great Gubal Library

I think there should be an ilevel sync for the Great Gubal Library, and I will explain why.

First off, I am not new to tanking. I played both Paladin and Warrior before Heavensward, but with the release of the expansion, I decided to pick up Dark Knight. My Dark Knight is currently level 59 (very close to 60!) and is the second class I decided to level with 3.0, having gotten my Monk to level 60 already.

I have not had any problems holding aggro in The Vault, and normally, in The Great Gubal Library, I’m fine. However, I recently had a run where a Summoner was very easily pulling entire mobs off of me. With Grit and Darkside up, I’d be Unleashing into a crowd about 4 or 5 times, and the Summoner would still get aggro, or get very close to getting aggro, within a few seconds afterwards. I did not realize why at first- I triple checked to make sure Grit was up, and I did not seem to be lagging.

But then I found out why- He was level 60, equipped with a Hive Grimoire, a few Prototype Gordion (Alexander) equips, and the rest was Asuran gear (Doman-upgraded Allagan Tomestones of Law). He was very easily over ilevel 180, while I was only ilevel 137, wearing mostly armour from The Vault, and a few accessories lower than that.

Between pulls, I was also very low on MP from fighting to get back aggro. I did not have time to combo into Syphon Strike, and the MP afforded from Blood Price and Sole Survivor was not enough. Even though we finished the dungeon without any big problems, and I kept the mobs off the Summoner for most of the time, I feel like this gap will only widen as more people level up, and get gear from the upcoming Alexander (Savage) and Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics.

People will still be going back to do The Great Gubal Library when geared at level 60 during Low Level Duty Roulette (for Tomestones) or simply for glamour gear. Therefore, I think an ilevel sync for The Great Gubal Library would be useful for people leveling tanks, in particular.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

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